Baking Dishes

Does It Matter Whether You Use a Glass or Metal Baking Pan?

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Can I super-glue a handle back on baking dish?

by mschow 14 years ago

I accidently broke the handle off of a nice baking dish I have. If I super-glue this back on, will it withstand the oven temperature? I bought another type of glue at Target that says it's for gl...

Sticky Breville Pan - How to Clean?

by poochiechow 5 years ago

hey CH, i have a Breville that came with an enamel 12"x12" baking pans (http://www.brevilleusa.com/baking-pan-bov800xl.html) that has gotten a layer of sticky crust all over it over the past two ye...

i have to wake up daily to bake

by Magreth 5 years ago

Hi guys, its been a while in here. i do home baking and i sell cinnamon rolls or used to and i want it to give it another try. The last time i was baking i encountered a lot of problems that i may...

Tart tatin pans

tim irvine
by tim irvine 7 years ago

I should've paid better attention, but it seems all of a sudden tart Tatin pans with handles have disappeared. I don't get it, Mauviel. The handles were functional. The new pans with no handles j...

Souffle / ramekin size?

by Seitan 6 years ago

I'm shopping for souffle / ramekins now and coming across various sizes. I just want individual serving dishes. Is there a standard or ideal capacity that I should look for?

4" inch deep casserole dish

by tiramisu23 6 years ago

Hi, I received a Le Creuset (9"w x 4"d) casserole dish with lid and I'm looking for recipes that use such a dish. I have searched the internet but did not come across any good recipes at all... ...

Is a rectangular baker EVER better than an oval?

by valereee 6 years ago

I'm downsizing, and I'm sitting here looking at my beautiful heavy Le Creuset enamal-on-iron rectangular baking dishes. I have a 12x8 and a 14x10. I haven't used either for at least a couple of y...

Help Me Use My New Unglazed Baking Dish

al b. darned
by al b. darned 6 years ago

I purchased this 9 in. square stoneware baking dish (in turquoise) from King Arthur Flour. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/white-stoneware-square-baker-9 When it came I was surprised...

Need suggestions for baking dishes to make individual pot pies. I can't seem to find any Corningware 16oz ramekins in stores.

by Hmc0625 7 years ago

I have a 16oz Corningware Ramekin that I like but I only have one. I need a couple more and I can not find any in stores. I know that I can order online but I figured if I have to do that, I migh...

best baking dishes?

by poochiechow 7 years ago

hi all - i'm in the lovely position of setting up a wedding registry, and am looking for 8x8 and 9x13 dishes that will work for everything from brownies/cobblers to lasagnas and other various casse...

Best Oil for Greasing Baking Dishes

by arielleeve 8 years ago

I'm about to buy an oil mister so I can use my own oil instead of buying the Trader Joe's cans. I usually get the Canola oil or the Coconut oil from them, and use them for most of my baking. Since ...

Round ceramic baking dish with protruding handle?

by relizabeth 8 years ago

I bought something that looked like a scaled up version of this: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/round-au-gratin/s515477?a=1552 at a thrift store. Baked many a week day cake/gratin/anything and...

Individual Serving Size Oval/Oblong Baking Dishes

by jracpa 9 years ago

I have been trying to find a good source for these. I am looking for individual serving size baking dishes to bake things like fish filets, scallops, shrimp etc. I see them all the time in restau...

Depth of baking dish for cake to be made in pressure cooker

by FelafelBoy 8 years ago

I plan on getting an anodized round baking dish which is made in various sizes and depths. This will be an experiment for me as I plan on using it in my pressure cooker. Due to the width of t...

White Enamelware Baking DIshes in the US?

by GardenFresh 10 years ago

I've recently become obsessed with simple white enamelware baking dishes with blue rims, honestly thanks to some clips I've seen of Jamie's 30 Minute meals show; I love how durable they seem as he ...

LC cast iron baking dish

by dixiegal 9 years ago

I recently discovered the LC enameled cast iron baking dish and was wondering if it was worth the extra expense over the LC stoneware baking dishes. I saw someone on food network baking in one but...

Etching a Pyrex baking dish- good idea?

by pdxgastro 9 years ago

I came across this in a craft blog roundup. There is this problem of never getting your dish back at group functions like potlucks. One crafter came up with the idea of etching her last name on her...

Why are my ceramic baking dishes cracking?

Kitchen Imp
by Kitchen Imp 10 years ago

Over the past five years I've accumulated a nice collection of ceramic baking dishes, some of them from Spain and Portugal, a few from Ross (but with reputable labels like Cuisinart). There's n...

What size of a lasagna baking dish should I get?

by michaelnrdx 11 years ago

I've never made lasagna before, so I'm wondering what is a good size for most lasagnas. I'd like some decent depth for a decent sized lasagna, but I wouldn't make a huge lasagna. What material ...