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Get to Know King Cake (And Why There's a Plastic Baby Hidden Inside)

The intersection between the secular and the religious is a fair starting block for any exploration of beloved holiday traditions, and the Mardi Gras king cake tradition is no exception. However, though...

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Hough Bakery "Modernistic" cookies [Cleveland]

by PB 18 years ago

My wife used to enjoy a cookie sold by Cleveland's Hough Bakery chain. It was a large flat cookie with chocolate icing on one half and vanilla icing on the other, with a swirled boundary between th...

SF/East Bay restaurant and food trek report, and thanks

by vonmoishe 8 years ago

First off, a very big thanks to all of the SF ‘hounds whose generous advice paved the way for me to have an absolutely fantastic time eating my way through the Bay Area. Also, thanks to the ‘hounds...

Toronto’s Best Butter Tarts Aren’t in Toronto

by Pantz 13 years ago

I’ve been obsessing over this lately and I have come to the conclusion that in Toronto, you can’t get a decent butter tart. The options seem to be between supermarket, mass produced monstrosities ...

Scratch Baking, Milford, CT

by kwhitehead 9 years ago

Stopped by the Farmer's Market in downtown Milford on Saturday morning and came across this place: http://scratchbakingct.com/ Her shop is right downtown, next to where the Farmer's Market se...

Which Bakery makes the best sticky buns?

by stevebookman 5 years ago

This product is harder and harder to find. But I still know some people who really like sticky buns and wish to buy some.

Armenian bakery Zaatar now open in Arlington

by Edokko 5 years ago

They are giving out a lot of free samples on opening day (today--9/6). They have the eponymous zaatar, as well as other savories like borek and lahmajun. Sweets are baklava, mini cupcakes, some p...

M. H. Bread & Butter in San Anselmo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

At a dinner party last weekend, I immediately took note of the high quality of the piece of grilled levain accompanying the soup course. Good levain’s scarce on the ground despite the many outstan...

Paris Bakery [Seaside and Monterey]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Last week, after finding Sweet Elena’s closed for vacation, I stopped by the Seaside location of Paris Bakery. Mostly a wholesale location, this was my first time to either site. Paris Bakery w...

Italian Buttercream Frosting Cakes near Pasadena?

by carradine65 6 years ago

Now my 2 favorite bakeries have closed. The first was the Bees Knees on Colorado .. between Eagle Rock and Pasadena. They used an Italian Buttercream frosting that was not sweet but more heavy and...

Stockholm Bakery & Cafe [Kingsburg, Hwy 99]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Last Monday I stopped in Kingsburg, my first time here and was quite charmed by the Swedish downtown. My first stop was Stockholm Bakery. The woman who greeted me bid me to take any seat, assu...

Laurel Deli & Desserts in Fort Bragg [Mendocino County]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Continuing the carb-loaded day, I walked over to Laurel Deli by the Skunk Train to check out the desserts. Pieces of the giant cookies offered as samples were grainy with sugar and not that good. I...

Main Street Bakery in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Main Street Bakery opened across the street from Salinas High School late last year. It combines and relocates a previous bakery business with a mostly Mexican lunch counter/café set-up. Mom and ...

Bakery in Newark, DE

by Karen K 7 years ago

My son, a freshman at U Del, turns 18 later this month. Is there a good bakery in the Newark environs that might deliver a cake, cupcakes, or cookies to a student at the university?

Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

My first stop in Wyoming on Wednesday was the Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne. It’s website had turned up when I was researching places to grab a quick bite and I was interested in trying a cabbag...

Cold Weather = Saltenas....new places to try

by CoconutMilk 10 years ago

I've had Luzmila's, La Caraquena's, Tutto Bene's and Pike Pizza's. Want to try My Bakery, Victors Grill....has anyone had them? Any other recs. Viva la saltena!

Flashback: Menu ideas for 70's/80's potluck. Tupperware optional.

by thedragonlady 10 years ago

I'm helping to plan a friend's Birthday party and we're having it themed around the types of party foods we grew up with at our own parent's dinner parties. Fondue, meatballs in ketchup and grape j...

Pan de Elote and Fresh Romeritos @ Mi Pueblo supermercado in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Yesterday I stopped by Mi Pueblo to pick up some miscellaneous produce. I noticed small branches of fresh romeritos for $14.99/lb. These are traditional during the holidays, served with fresh or ...

Best place for an "Over the top or Exotic" cake for the holidays

by steakrules85 10 years ago

Looking for a place with some truly great over the top confections- preferably layer cakes or something high. As the Christmas hoiday approaches, I want to get something special this year. For thos...

Need Birthday Cake-PURPLE FROSTING! Help!

by janie 11 years ago

Love Cannelle, but did them last year for my son's birthday, and this year he is insisting on a Purple Cake. He is obsessed with Burt from Mary Poppins, so would like to have the cake decorated wit...

Ferrisburgh Bakery & Deli, VT

by masha 11 years ago

We were driving from Burlington to Middlebury last weekend, and looking to pick up a quick lunch on the way, but did not want to go to one of the national chains in S. Burlington. We pulled into t...

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