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Atlanta boasts a hot food scene. Find out what's new and great in the area, or what's closed or not worth your visit, plus get advice on everything from bars to barbecue.

Want to discover the most ​unexpected food and drink experiences in Atlanta? Explore restaurants, ​bars, ​markets, wineries, shops, breweries, and ​distilleries that satiate both the mind and the palate.

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Narrow Down my Atlanta Restaurant List

by Jeff_and_Eliz 5 months ago

Please help me narrow down my list of Atlanta restaurants based on the following: • Weeknight, business dinner (7 ...


soitgoes commented 4 months ago

Atlanta restaurants near Hilton

by rstuart 5 months ago

I will be at a conference in Atlanta for the next few days, staying at the Hilton Atlanta. The conference itself is a...


soitgoes commented 4 months ago

St. Regis High Tea in Atlanta

by cheesecake 5 months ago

I am planning a super special, SURPRISE, get away to Atlanta in February. Although I am sure I will have additional q...


soitgoes commented 5 months ago

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Need Microgreen? Fresh From Our Family Farm...

by zinnurc 7 months ago

Hello.... We grow Micro-greens at our small family farm if you are in need of Microgreen please contact us... we gro...

Great Barbque!--B's Cracklin'

by jangita 8 months ago

We had a really fabulous meal at B's Cracklin' BBQ last night. The pork was just the right amount of smokey and tend...


soitgoes commented 8 months ago

Blue Crabs in Atlanta?

by Enfielder 9 months ago

Hi - are there any restaurants in the Atlanta area that do a Maryland-style blue crab feast, or fish markets that car...


nedj10 commented 8 months ago

Atlanta restaurants near Marriott Marquis

by chowgirl1 1 year ago

I'll be attending a conference at the Marriott Marquis and am looking for great lunch and dinner spots. I am all abo...


soitgoes commented 9 months ago

Advice, please -- best, most authentic Italian Restaurants right now in Atlanta

by jnwall 1 year ago

We will be in Atlanta for a few days in early April, so , advice, please -- what in your view are the best and most a...


jnwall commented 10 months ago

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Best Dinner near Doubletree Druid Hills Rd NE

by Hmunster2 11 months ago

Sorry, a little late getting to this. Need to find an American or Italian restaurant for tom night for 4. Would pre...

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The best avoiding construction?

by UnConundrum 11 months ago

This is a big weekend for Atlanta with the NRA convention in town.  There are a lot of great restaurants in the ares,...

Sun Noodles?

by mcintire78 11 months ago

Hi! I developed a real love for Sun Noodles in the last city I lived in. Their website indicates they aren't availa...


Ttrockwood commented 11 months ago

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Returning to Atlanta for a Weekend

by twinkie 11 months ago

Hi all, I'm returning to Atlanta for a weekend. I haven't been back for about 5 years. My old favorites were JCT K...

Birthday dinner; steak + duck fat

by mbcraw4d 12 months ago

Hi, all, Our daughter, an Emory student, has asked for a "steak and something cooked in duck fat" for her birthday d...


mbcraw4d commented 12 months ago

Meat and Three

by soccermom13 1 year ago

Can anyone suggest some great "Meat and Three" restaurants in Atlanta and Savannah (and anywhere in between those two...


ted commented 1 year ago


by Enfielder 1 year ago

Hi Chowhounders - does anyone know of a market in the Atlanta area that carries frisee?


Enfielder commented 1 year ago

Carb Loading

by boltnut55 1 year ago

Hi. We'll be in Atlanta for the Jeff Galloway half marathon in a couple of weeks. While I have found a bunch of res...


boltnut55 commented 1 year ago

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What are your go-to foodie resources?

by CourtneyAdams 1 year ago

I work on the marketing team for a fresh food meal delivery company and live near Atlanta. I'd love to hear a few loc...

Bells Poultry Seasoning

by Newyawker1 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase Bells Poultry Seasoning in the area of Atlanta Georgia?


CourtneyAdams commented 1 year ago