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Where to find individual aluminum cups in the East Bay

by AntarcticWidow 10 years ago

I want to make a slug of crème brûlées to take to a Thanksgiving potluck. I thought I could make them in small aluminum cups that are about 4-5 oz size. It's too late for me to order them online. D...

Aluminum pans a hazard-bunk!

by sueatmo 10 years ago

Does anyone know where this myth got started. I heard it first in the '70s coming from health nuts trying to link Alzheimer's and aluminum, because more aluminum was found in bodies of Alzheimer's ...

Black aluminum disposable creme brulee cups

by ah6tyfour 10 years ago

Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can get disposable creme brulee cups that are black on the outside and silver on the inside? Lots of places sell the 4oz aluminum muffin/brulee cups, b...

Stainless or Anondized Aluminum: Which is easier to care for?

by dexters 10 years ago

I'm deciding between the two sets at Costco. One is the stainless set: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11257108&whse=BC&Ne=4000000&eCat=BC|89|56625|54916|55004&N=4017654&Mo=21&...

how to use aluminum cookware

by richardfurman 11 years ago

Hello everyone I need some help using aluminum cookware More than half of the cookware on the market today is made from aluminum. This is because aluminum is a good conductor of heat and is use...

Is anodised aluminum any good?

by Kajikit 13 years ago

I always thought stainlessteel was the way to go, but I'm open to other options. Albertsons is having a special promotion where you collect their stamps with purchase and then get free cookware whe...

wine in aluminum pop-top cans? why not?

by alkapal 11 years ago

wine in aluminum pop-top cans? why not? why isn't this a good idea? once the wine is aged, then "bottled," wouldn't the can: 1. not allow the (inevitable?) air to affect the flavor of the wine...

Aluminum powder in food!!!

by billieboy 11 years ago

Well...not yet anyway. Let me explain. I have an All-American pressure canner which I love and has seen a lot of use. No complaints. However it does leave a white powder on the jars which I assume ...

Stock Pot: Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

by Jennalynn 12 years ago

I've come to need a 16qt stock pot. I'll use it for big seafood boils and stocks of all kind. My local restaurant supply has a great very heavy aluminum pot for $30 with lid. Stainless ste...

Aluminum Grilling

by ChrisOC 12 years ago

My neighbor just fired up his Weber, then wrapped the grill in foil before putting on his burgers and hot dogs. Why do people DO that??

King Ranch Casserole: can I use aluminum pans?

by mschow 12 years ago

I am going to the beach for the July 4 weekend and was thinking about making the infamous 'King Ranch Casserole', since there will be a big crowd. there. There is also no dishwasher and limited co...

My Calphalon anodized aluminum pan is blistering!

by Tartinet 12 years ago

I've had this pan for more than 10 years--it was my first "real" piece of kitchen equipment. Over the years, it developed a smooth black patina, just like a cast iron pan. I treated it pretty much ...

I just roasted 35 tomatoes in aluminum pan--advice?

by katydid13 12 years ago

I was planning to make a pasta pomodoro tomorrow using Roma tomatoes slow-roasted overnight in the oven. Unfortunately, I forgot that my large Chicago Metallic rimmed baking sheets have an aluminum...

Where can I find cast aluminum calderos in Toronto?

by tekkamaki 12 years ago

Help... trying to locate Columbian made cast-aluminum pots. Brand name is IMUSA. Larger 30 or 32cm sizes. Have seen a few smaller sized ones in various Chinese supermarkets, but no larger sizes....

cast aluminum from restaurant supply store?

by tummyache 12 years ago

Having read the Bittman article about buying cheap cookware from a restaurant supply store, I went to pick up some stuff for my kitchen. I bought two Amko (korean brand) cast aluminum saucepans tha...

Thick aluminum cookware

by Cary 12 years ago

What brands (and models) of cookware have roughly a 4-5+mm aluminum layer all around (not only the base)? Some of my hard anodized calphalon commercial cookware is ~4-5mm. I know AllClad's LTD...

Springform vs Destroying Aluminum

by Super Salad 12 years ago

I have a recipe for a pudding cake that uses a springform pan. After baking, you are supposed to remove the springform and the pudding melts down the side of the cake. I know a proper kitchen sho...

how to clean new aluminum stockpot

by soaper 13 years ago

just bought new aluminum stockpot for brewing beer, washed with soap and water and boiled a pot of water and let it cool, an oily scum was left on the top, cleaned again, boiled second pot of water...

Do I need to season an aluminum stockpot?

by amdoyne 13 years ago

Do I need to season an aluminum stockpot? I got one at the sysco supply store and my roommate threw away the instructions that came with it. I thought I saw something about seasoning in it, but I d...

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