Aluminum Foil

Foil Packets Are Your Best Camping Food Friend

Going camping this Labor Day weekend? Foil packets are the best way to cook your food (and they're pretty great in the oven too—or on the grill). Becoming one with nature may require a sleeping bag...

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Electric indoor grill and aluminum foil?

by daeira 6 years ago

I have a George Foreman type grill that has removable plates. After some heavy use, the non-stick surface has started to peel and flake away, so much so that I've not used the appliance out of fear...

Aluminum foil – The Agony (biting on it) and the Ecstasy (terrific tips)

by rworange 11 years ago

My number one tip is that celery wrapped in aluminum foil will last for weeks. Don’t know why this works but maybe because it is a complete barrier to light and oxygen and locks moisture in pre...

Cast iron and tin foil

by ILuvGrub 7 years ago

Hi all - Getting ready to cook a pork shoulder in my enamel coated dutch oven. I have seen some suggestions to cover the pot with tin foil and then put the lid on. My question is about how tin foi...

Fish in Aluminum Foil or Parchment

by chow_rk 7 years ago

I normally used to deep fry or shallow fry and lately trying to become more healthy, trying to learn to bake in oven :-) When I baked Salmon in Aluminum Foil, I used seasoning and lemon slices.....

Aluminium foil is apparently less environmentally friendly than plastic wrap.

by ursy_ten 7 years ago

I've been doing some research, and my instincts told me that aluminium foil would be more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap. A lot of info out there supports this, and it seems that most p...

Not using tin foil and plastic wrap

by neighborguy 9 years ago

I read chowhound regularly, it's one of my browser favorites and I just clicked on Chow tips to see the video on how to use the wok as a smoker. Cool idea. But...I have a huuuge problem with the...

Braising cookware lids--aluminum foil?

by E_M 9 years ago

So I am reading "All About Braising" and if I understand it correctly...I can fashion a lid out of tin foil? Either for a roasting pan or to a pan that is too short?

recycled aluminum foil - anyone tried it yet?

by jujuthomas 10 years ago

Last week's coupon circular contained a coupon for reynold's 100% recycled aluminum foil. Just wondered if anyone had used it yet - is it as sturdy as their non-recycled heavy duty? Thanks!

Tin Foil Wearing Celery

by MsAlyp 11 years ago

I recently read that Celery keeps very well in tin foil. That something in the foil specifically interacts with the celery to keep it fresh for longer periods of time. Is this a myth? My initia...

aluminum foil with citrus

by vicsailgarden 12 years ago

I grill (poach really) salmon in an Asian-inspired orange/lemon sauce in an aluminum foil "boat." I'm wondering if I should be using something other than aluminum (just how much aluminum is leachin...

When do you use plastic wrap, when do you use aluminum foil?

by stratford 12 years ago

For storing food, when do you use each type of covering? I tend to use each interchangeably when covering salads, meats, or pasta leftovers in bowls. When does it matter for what kind of food?

aluminum foil

by sandramrma 13 years ago

does it ever make a difference if you use the shining side as opposed to the unshining one for different purposes?

Help! In Need of Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

by P. 14 years ago

Hi All. For My GF's Family, I'm making my Infamous braised ribs for Superbowl Sunday. Part of the "hardware" for cooking is Reynolds Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil with the red shadowed Extra H...

question about aluminum foil

by rebs 13 years ago

is there a difference between the shiny side and the non-shiny side of aluminum foil? is one particular side supposed to be in contact with the food or does it not matter? thanks!

aluminum foil reaction to stuffed cabbage?

by vozick 15 years ago

I made 80 rolls of stuffed cabbage today for the Jewish New year holidays, in 2 pans. One pan with higher sides came out fine. The second 9x12 had aluminum foil on the top as well. However the alu...

stuffed cabbage & aluminum foil reaction?

by vozick 15 years ago

I made 80 rolls of stuffed cabbage today for the Jewish New year holidays, in 2 pans. One pan with higher sides came out fine. The second 9x12 had aluminum foil on the top as well. However the alu...

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