Aluminum Foil

7 Foil Packet Meals That Are Perfect for Camping (Or Your Own Backyard)

If you're going camping—or even just firing up the grill in your own backyard for Labor Day—foil packets are a great way to cook your food over the flames (and they're pretty great in the oven too...

Covering a HOT roasting pan with heavy duty foil...?

by CindyJ 7 years ago

I've been making brisket for years and before today I never pan seared it before oven braising. I'm not here to debate the merits of doing that; my briskets have always been absolutely delicious a...

Potatoes & Veggies cooked in foil on the grill... Yum!

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It's become a mainstay on our grill this summer, cut potatoes, mix in a variety of vegetables like carrots, onions etc., if you wish, herb them up, add some olive oil and/or butter, and throw on th...

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron for broiler

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hi there! So my new oven has a broiler and i am super excited to use it. I have never had one before and almost had an accident with a pyrex dish under the broiler! I was wondering if somet...

Reynolds Wrap ISO Chief Grilling Officer, deadline June 19

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . As CGO, you won’t need a comfy corner office because for two weeks in August, you’ll be busy tasting and savoring BBQ ribs from some of the top BBQ rib cities in the country. Along the way,...

Aluminum foil reacted with pork?

by pekehata 3 years ago

I roasted pork covered with aluminium foil at 110 degrees C for 2 hours, then rested it for 24 hours in fridge and roasted it again for 3 hours. (I roasted it twice just because I didn't have enoug...

Black stuff on Kitchenaid whisp after dishwasher

by Foodie564 4 years ago

Hello Ive been running my kitchenaid whisk in the dishwasher. It stands that im not supposed too, but i just said yolo and did it. I belive its alumminium. Now it has darken, and is full of some...

Shiny or Dull? Aluminum Foil debate

by itryalot 10 years ago

At work today, we were having a discussion about shiny side vs dull side. Which side touches food? When BBQing, which side faces the grill? In the oven, when lining a baking sheet for roasting, ...

Can you wrap burgers in Alu-Foil and grill burgers?

by MajorWayne 4 years ago

My father-in-law has a charcoal grill. Its open and no cover. So I though Wrapping burgers in foil and throw them on charcoal would be an awesome way to cook them. (like we do it with potatoes) ...

Is there a right side for aluminum foil?

by Gelatodolci 5 years ago

I was covering pie the other day with Raynolds Wrap and couldnt help but wonder (do to one side being shinier) if there is a stick resilient side and a reflective side to foil... Thanks to all! ...

What is eating through the foil?

by Nyleve 5 years ago

I am doing some Pulled Pork for soup kitchen lunch this week. Last night I cut up the meat, sprinkled with some seasonings and slathered with Club House La Grille Smokehouse Maple Marinade. Covered...

The First Post is the Densest

by NewbieScum 5 years ago

I purchased a 14 pound (prime) packer brisket, which I plan to braise for pot roast. I'm thinking I will braise it for around 10 hours (or whenever it hits 200 degrees) at 250. Let it cool all day ...

Has Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil Changed?

by sbp 7 years ago

For the past year or so, it seems to me the "Heavy Duty" foil is no longer heavy duty. It seems just as thin as regular. If I try to wrap anything with any sort of bone, I can guarantee it will pu...

Cooking with clingfilm and foil

by Rocketroy 5 years ago

Started cooking with cling film Christmas 2014 (it hasn't killed me so far) after covering lightly in garlic and herb butter I tightly wrapped a large turkey crown in cling film using at least 4 la...

Do you grill with aluminum foil (and no, it's not what you're thinking of)

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

Do you use aluminum foil to grill meats? I'm not talking about wrapping, say a whole fish or some chicken breasts, in a foil pouch and then putting it on the grill. I'm talking about putting ...

Can I write on aluminum foil with a sharpie and cook it?

by Chowsmurf 15 years ago

Since I am "catering" Thanksgiving to my s/o's house, I am thinking that I will pack most of it up in packets of heavy-duty aluminum foil to cook. If I write on the package in Sharpie, and then co...

Can I use waxed paper instead of tin foil?

by lmuller 15 years ago

I am making a paella recipe that needs to bake for one hour covered with tin foil. I am feeling too lazy to go out to buy more but I have waxed paper. Can I cover it with that instead? Other sugges...

Baking French Macarons With Aluminum Foil?

by turtlecook 7 years ago

Hello, This is my first post and I am relatively new to the Chowhound community. I am planning on baking french macarons today and all of the recipes that I have seen call for parchment or baking ...

Using Tin Foil and Plastic Wrap

by Bada Bing 7 years ago

I've cooked avidly for 30 years and am amazed not to have know about this way to secure rolls in their boxes. How many of you knew this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGiPh_UPzEw

Tin foil

by MrsBridges 7 years ago

The comment about aluMIN-IUM foil in the muscles/mussels thread brought to mind a question that's been in the back of my mind since childhood: Why do people still say tin foil when aluminum foil h...

Aluminum foil source

by Juxie 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy a big restaurant size roll of heavy aluminum foil in Manhattan, as a gift for my barbecue-obsessed friend?