9 Awesome Okra Recipes to Enjoy All Summer

Okra is one of those vegetables you love or hate, and—we’d swear on a stack of our favorite cookbooks—any one of these okra recipes will put you squarely in the love camp. When properly prepared, okra...

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Swahili Village in Beltsville - Report

by Steve 4 years ago

Finally took the opportunity to visit this PG County outpost for Kenyan cuisine that I've heard so much about. The place was hoppin' of a Sunday afternoon, packed with a lively crowd having a good...

Karibu Cafe - Good, homey East African and Caribbean food in Albuquerque

by ninrn 4 years ago

Karibu Cafe, on Eubank just north of Candelaria, is a really nice little restaurant serving simple, homey East African food, with a few Caribbean dishes thrown in for good measure. We went ther...

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

by Snarf 5 years ago

Anyone been? Sounds a bit out of the way, but my curiousity has been aroused upon hearing chef is Pat Riley who worked wonders at Perigee during its brief shining life.

Taste of Africa in Deer Park

by Scott_R 7 years ago

Just stopped in Taste of Africa http://www.nytasteofafrica.com subtitled (?) "The Ellas" in Deer Park today, as per a tip in Newsday, http://www.newsday.com/feed-me-1.812004/the-ellas-taste-of-a...

Recommendations for Senegalese/African restaurant in Paris?

by BWLOCK 9 years ago

I'm returning to Paris for the first time in 10 years (I lived by Rue Cler for 9 months) and my wife and I would love to get some delicious Senegalese food. Does anybody have suggestions for a goo...

Ethiopian oasis again in South Florida!

by ChowShoe 5 years ago

Finally! Ethiopian food is a reality once again in South Florida. Queen of Sheeba opened in West Palm Beach in beginning of September. And it's really great. Wonderful owner and amazing food. D...

Where to find Piri Piri (or Peri Peri) peppers - Chicago or Online

by nikkib99 5 years ago

Hi All, Looking to make Piri Piri chicken and would like to make the sauce myself. Does anyone know where I can get Piri Piri peppers in Chicago or online? I saw some dried ones on Amazon, but tho...

Sudanese - kissra, taamia, asida questions

by brucesw 9 years ago

I've been exploring the offerings at our little hole-in-the-wall Sudanese place. There isn't much online about Sudanese cuisine and I have some questions I hope some Chowhounders can help with. ...

Advice for a guy moving to Austin after 20 years in Los Angeles

by blackbookali 5 years ago

In a word I could sum up my concern with this: "tacos". See I get how Tex Mex could work. I love flank, skirt and flap so I could come around to fajitas even though peppers and onions are a d...

Long report: a Franco-African week in Paris

by swyeoh 6 years ago

My new wife and I spent 7 days in Paris. Having stopped learning French ten years prior in high school I found my vocabulary waning fast, and felt I had to visit before it was completely perdu. We ...

Best Patty Melt in LA is @ Osso DTLA

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Good S. African beef jerky, too. Excellent cocktails as well. Osso DTLA http://www.ossodtla.com/

Simba Grill -- very 'hound worthy (long)

by TorontoJo 13 years ago

I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally try Simba Grill. This is the Tanzanian/Indian restaurant on Donlands, just South of O'Connor (across the street from Fresh From the Farm). The o...

Ribs at Taylor's Place in St. Louis

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 7 years ago

I was recently in St. Louis. Found some great stuff, like Nasiib (3445 S Grand; 314-664-4143), a great Somali; great Aussie meat pies at The Silver Ballroom (4701 Morganford; 314-832-9223), and m...

Where can I buy brick dough?

by djb 15 years ago

Is brick dough (North African pastry sheets) available in the US? Where? (I live in San Francisco.) If it's not readily available, can phyllo be substituted? I've read that brick dough is thick...

Radio Africa Kitchen -- report [San Francisco]

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 8 years ago

Seven of us got together tonight to check out Radio Africa Kitchen. Yes, it's in the Bayview. Yes, it's worth the trip (not bad from downtown on the T). The menu had five appetizers and four ent...

malian food

by missmasala 16 years ago

i have a friend in town this weekend who used to live in mali and now lives in colorado. I was wondering if there were any malian restaurants in new york city (any borough is fine-we can travel) or...

What type(s) of cuisine are you just not interested in cooking?

by Njchicaa 5 years ago

I have to say that Asian and Indian cuisines just don't interest me. I've been out of COTM for years now b/c many of the months are Asian cookbooks (though not always). I'll happily try any E...

Afro Deli

by discus 5 years ago

Just had my first meal at their Minneapolis location (1939 South 5th Street) near the campus and the food was absolutely wonderful. (I understand they have another location in St. Paul.) She had ...

Suya African-Caribbean Grill, Berkeley - any recent reports?

by hhc 7 years ago

I always see the Suya African-Caribbean Grill sign when I'm walking in Downtown Berkeley. Any recent reports from the hounds? What's good there? Suya African-Caribbean Grill 2130 Oxford St, B...

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