Don't Fear Fennel: How to Use This Bulbous Vegetable, from Fronds to Seeds

Fennel is a vegetable you may not be familiar with, but there’s a lot to love about the bulbous root veggie, from its anise flavor to its health benefits. And it really shines in the fall. If you’re...

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Looking for Absinthe

by michellezin 13 years ago

I will be in staying in Paris in the Latin Quarter for a week and would love to try some Absinthe. I've read that the "old-time authentic" Absinthe is illegal but I would still like to experience t...

Best absinthe websites?

by Aurorasbored 14 years ago

Throwing a holiday Belle Epoque party which is rapidly approaching, and I know there are a few websites online that sell genuine absinthe and figured I'd toss it to the crowd: which one's worked fo...

(Mock) Absinthe drinks?

by Slubgob 14 years ago

I don't expect that anyone here is going to point me to a place in the city that sells the real deal (but if you want to, drop me a line at slubgobct@hotmail.com). I'm hoping that some of you mi...

Is Absinthe available in London or in Italy?

by nooodles 15 years ago

I have a friend going to London and a few of the major cities in Italy. Is there any chance of her easily finding me some Absinthe to bring back to the US? I don't want to make her go out of her wa...

absinthe- U.S. customs

by pronek 15 years ago

Apologies if this is the wrong board. I was just reading that New Yorker article about absinthe, and as luck would have it will be in Paris soon. I am a bit unclear about buying a bottle of it thou...

Absinthe in Paris

by Eric The Law Student 15 years ago

Hello all. That New Yorker article did it to me - I now want to drink absinthe in some tiny bar in Paris and lament my hollow shell of a life. Can anyone recommend a bar for absinthe? I will h...

Obtaining Casasha (sp). and/or Absinthe

by bram 17 years ago

For years I have been hearing about these Alcoholic beverages and I'd love to know how to get them in Toronto. Any ideas?

Absinthe in America

by Willikers 16 years ago

I've been having 'real' absinthe with wormwood and thujone shipped to me for years here in the states, and it has never been a problem. The suppliers always ship in discreet packages. Just out of...

Absinthe spoons

by jim m 16 years ago

I'm a first-time poster to chowhound, but for the past couple of years I've been enjoying great food and restaurants across the country thanks to you folks, so I wanted to say thanks. (Granted, I s...

where can I buy absinthe in Manhattan?

by a nameless yeast 17 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, For Xmas I received a Barnes & Noble cocktail shaker and recipe book - the latter of which actually has a chapter of absinthe cocktails. I know of companies that will import th...


by Jambalaya 18 years ago

I remember seeing some postings several months back about this but do not remember the details. It came to mind when down here in Brasil I stumbled onto a couple bottles for sale in one of the win...

legal to import absinthe?

by BGrey 18 years ago

I ran across a company that will import genuine absinthe into the states. Their legal disclaimer is rather vague but suggests that one can buy absinthe in the U.S. for personal consumption - i.e. ...

Poetic braindeath: Absinthe.

by joe muggs 20 years ago

Sorry if this topic has already been dealt with - I couldn't find it mentioned below, but I have limited patience for slow scrolling. Does this infamous concoction genuinely have any hallucinogen...

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