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Global G-9 8-3/4-Inch Bread Knife review:

This Sleek Japanese Bread Knife Cuts It

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The Good

Sleek and handsome; thin blade aces even large, crusty loaves.

The Bad

At 8 3/4 inches, the blade is slightly shorter than our ideal.

The Bottom Line

This is a beautiful bread knife, agile yet strong. And it gets major cool points for the way it looks in your block.

The Basics

The first generation of Global knives appeared in 1985. Designed and manufactured in Japan, they were high-tech alternatives to European knives. The original G Series (like this 8-3/4-inch bread knife) is Global’s most basic. Knives in this line have stainless steel handles and very thin blades, and they’re superlight. (That’s due in part to the lack of a bolster, the thick knob of steel where handle meets blade on most knives.) At about $96, the Global G-9 falls in the middle range for bread knives. It has a sleek look and innovative design features. Can this knife cut it when the loaves come out?

Design & Construction

This is a lightweight bread knife with a small profile. The blade is 8 3/4 inches, the whole knife just over 14 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high, and just under 1 inch wide at the thickest part of the handle. The blade is made of molybdenum vanadium stainless—basically, that means strength and resistance to wear. It has a scalloped edge for navigating hard crusts and Global’s signature dimpled handle, designed to make the stainless steel better for gripping. The hollow handles of the G series are actually filled with sand for balance. It’s recommended that you wash by hand only (that’s a rule for all knives). And the G-9 carries a lifetime warranty against breakage and original manufacturer defects.


We tested the G-9 with loaves of bread in two shapes: thin baguette and large round boule. And to assess its maneuverability on something round and relatively small, we used it to cut the peel from citrus. Here’s what we found:

Serrated bread knives can feel static and almost stiff compared with other blades, but the G-9 really is an exceptionally light and agile specimen. We tend to favor bread knives with offset handles: Especially when you have a lot of slices to make and you need to go fast, an offset handle gives you lots of finger clearance from the board. But even though the G-9 isn’t offset, its grip was comfortable enough to let us whiz through a baguette without feeling like our knuckles would drag.

The blade was exceptionally sharp (it was fresh out of the box, after all). Still, the scalloped serration on the blade was a design detail that did seem to make a difference on our crusty, day-old round of levain. And though the blade is less than 9 inches, it never felt too small for our large loaf.

Since this Global series is designed to have thin blades, it wasn’t a surprise that the G-9 did a good job navigating the spherical shape of oranges. With a little wrist turning, we were able to peel oranges quickly and confidently, never feeling that the knife was working against us.

Summing up: We love this knife. To be honest, we keep a 9-inch bread knife in our rack at home, but the 8-3/4-inch G-9 would be a fine substitute. It has the length to tackle a loaf with a large diameter and still give you the confidence of control. The price is fair for a blade with these features and, frankly, that bears the Global stamp of cool. This knife’s a keeper.

Photos by Chris Rochelle