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"KAITO SUSHI" - First 'sit-down' sushi Omakase for over a year!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 days ago

After enduring over a year of Covid related restrictions, it was a great and special feeling, being able to sit-down at the sushi bar and exchange pleasantries with the friendly, hospitable and tal...

Crispy Chicken Stuffed with Sticky Rice

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 12 years ago

One of my favorite Cantonese banquet dishes is fried crispy chicken (deboned) stuffed with sticky rice (and bits of Chinese sausage). It's a death bomb, chefs hate to prepare it (cuz it's so labor ...

Sea Flame opens in Scarsdale...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Sea Flame Restaurant has opened on White Plains Road at the Vernon Hills Shops across from Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale. The name is a riff on the iconic surf & turf, and the menu offers a wide selec...

NYC Restaurant Week 2021 expands: 7/19-8/22...

by gutreactions 21 days ago

It's back and apparently bigger than ever. New York City Restaurant Week has expanded and now boasts more than 500 participating eateries in all 5 boroughs. Prices: lunch, $21; dinner, $39; and wha...


New in New York

by PenelopeWitherspoon 6 days ago

Thought I might liven this place up a bit. Lots of new restaurants opening up in New York City at the moment, and some of them are absolutely outstanding. Have been trying to hit them up as much ...

Where to eat in Edinburgh

by DavidT 4 days ago

From the Financial Times but should be accessible without a subscription.

Serafina replacing Fig & Olive, Eastchester...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

The Serafina group of restaurants has taken over the space that previously housed Fig & Olive, on Rt. 22, next to vacant Lord & Taylor in Eastchester/Scarsdale. Serafina operates at least 10 worldw...

2021 Newly OPENED Toronto Food Places

by magic 7 months ago

Perhaps we can list 2021 openings here. Looks like a new Summerhill Market on Eglinton seems to be coming along.

Grossman's Noshery & Bar in Santa Rosa [split from Black & White Cookie]

by seefoo 11 days ago

oh boy. i dont even know where to start. the place is FUN!! the brisket is fantastic and they actually told me how they made it, so i replicated it home with some reverse engineering. the c...


Gim Bap

by JayDK 5 days ago

Try the gimbap here. But careful, not recommending anything else as I haven't tried other dishes here. Their website is enticing but the restaurant doesn't match the clean look of their web prese...

Trip to Naples, Capri, and Ischia September 1-12 (Fingers Crossed)

by PenelopeWitherspoon 5 days ago

So a friend of mine and I are planning on arriving in Naples on September 1. We will spend the 1st full day there (September 2) on a boat cruising the Amalfi Coast, and will be in Naples a total o...

'Fritay Lakay' at Minis Latin Fusion, New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

It was the first time I tried this dish. It is a mainstay in Haitian/Caribbean cuisine and it has been added the the fusion menu at Minis. According to proprietor Nicole Pirraglia-Piparo, the idea ...

Smokehouse Tailgate Grill, Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

I have been visiting this BBQ restaurant (and more) in Mamaroneck over several months, especially during their happy hours, which runs all day Mondays. There are specially priced beers and appetize...


by foodie17 14 years ago

In the 80s and 90s I used to go to an awesome pizzeria in downtown Brooklyn across from Albee Square Mall. The only sign I remember was "PIZZA". I heard they moved or ‘closed’ due to high rental re...

Lamb Barbacoa at Aqui es Texcoco

by cstr 8 days ago

Lamb Barbacoa at Aqui es Texcoco Real Deal Brisket, Beef Ribs etc at Grand Ole BBQ y Asido Both in San Diego

ISO restaurant + food truck recs for Monterey, Santa Cruz (incl burbs), and Watsonville

by BEmama 22 days ago

Hey! I am halfway between Monterey and Santa Cruz for a month while my HS daughter interns at a marine lab. Would love restaurant recs in this triangle (or very nearby). I enjoy all cuisines, from ...

Din Tai Fung Santa Clara

by trueblu 8 days ago

We wanted to venture to the Peninsula today and since we've not actually eaten at a Chinese restaurant in exactly 18 months (last such meal, for CNY was at Da Dong in Beijing!!), we really wanted a...

Covid Patio dining/Take-out - Oretta & Alouette, take-out

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 8 days ago

Taking advantage of Friday's perfectly gorgeous weather by driving downtown to pay my daughter's condo a visit and grab some decent grub around her ' Liberty Village ' neighbourhood! Lunch and e...

Which restaurant to visit in Denver?

by UrsulaSneathen 6 days ago

Hello, I've recently moved to Denver. Which restaurant to visit ?