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Glen Burnie area dinner rec?

by JojoSF 2 days ago

I am flying into BWI and want to have dinner with my uncle who lives in Glen Burnie. We can go a short distance but not as far as Baltimore, preferably within a 20-30 minute drive. Any recommenda...


San Francisco Restaurant Week, April 9 to 18, 2021

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Spring SF Restaurant Week starts today. Prix-fixe menu price points are $10, $15 or $25 Lunch and $25, $40 or $65 Dinner. For the first time the roster of 150 participating businesses includes 24 C...

BBQ South to Madison, Warrenton, Gainesville, VA

by Steve 2 days ago

Three bbq pork sandwiches: One at Pig n Steak (a brick and mortar place in Madison) followed by two food trucks. Smokin' Billy's listed in Warrenton and just north a couple of blocks, Big B's fro...

2021 Newly OPENED Toronto Food Places

by magic 3 months ago

Perhaps we can list 2021 openings here. Looks like a new Summerhill Market on Eglinton seems to be coming along.

Essential Toronto and GTA Foods...

by prima 7 years ago

I think essential is a silly adjective to be using, but how about a list of your favourite Toronto foods you think Chowhounds should try, in Toronto or the GTA, at least once? Here are some food...

GTA takeout/delivery in the era of COVID-19 - year 2

Dr. John
by Dr. John 18 days ago

The original thread is getting a bit unwieldy so I thought I would start version 2.0. Here is a link to the old thread: https://www.chowhound.com/post/gta-takeout-delivery-era-covid-19-1089693. ...

BBQ in NC and Georgia near I-95??

by erica 4 months ago

Every year I begin one of these thread and this year is it more complicated due to the virus when many places have cut house or even closed. No more of my favor route, via Ches Bridge Tunnel. Thi...

The Best Sichuan I've Ever Found in NYC

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 4 years ago

Legend of Taste 2002 Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, Queens 718-423-4888 http://legendoftasteny.com Good photos on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/legend-of-taste-whitestone Not even close. This i...


Chuan Yu Bistro, Oakland Chinatown

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 5 days ago

Chuan Yu Bistro is a new-ish (grand opening last October) Sichuan restaurant in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Oakland Chinatown. Apparently it is on the top floor, and has a patio for outdoor di...

Jū-ni Chirashi To Go | NOPA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

When Covid-19 ended dine-in services, Michelin one-star Jū-ni was quick to regroup to offer take-away chirashi bowls, $39, beginning March 19. Last month after picking up yakitori at its sister res...

Bacon & Eggs @ Ann's Coffee Shop, Menlo Park

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

No one was more shocked than I to be awake and rarin' to go at 5:30 in the morning. Hungry too, so I thought this was a good chance to try Ann's for breakfast. I got there at 6:30am and there wer...

What happened to Teddy's Lunch in Paterson?

by italianices 10 years ago

I was driving along Market Street in Paterson recently (first time in a long time) and noticed that Teddy's Lunch, the longtime and much beloved Texas Wiener stand, was no longer there. What gives?...

Pinky's for BBQ in Owings, MD.

by Ziv 6 days ago

I haven't been to Pinky's on Rte 2 for some time and thought I would try their BBQ this time. Their seafood platter is really good so I thought I would delve into the menu a bit deeper. I ordered t...

Chef Matt Prentice passes away

coney with everything
by coney with everything 6 days ago

Chef Matt Prentice died after a "short illness", only 62 years old

I knew I liked Antler for a reason

by Googs 7 days ago

More restaurants should do this. Add patio construction to the bill while you're at it.

Santa Rosa: Changes for Willie Bird Restaurant

by tre2012 7 days ago

Joe Castro, who bought the iconic Willie Bird Turkey in 2020 when owner Willie Benedetti died, is moving the restaurant – not the retail store – to a new location. The restaurant-bar will shift to ...

Sifu Wong Kitchen | Sunnyvale - Silicon Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 24 days ago

For the fans of Cooking Papa restaurants who lamented the downhill slide when the ownership changed two years ago https://www.chowhound.com/post/cooking-papa-foster-city-ownership-change-disaster-1...

Heated Patios List

by Bogiato 6 months ago

In light of the new restrictions for the next month, I'd love to get a list of options going for heated patios throughout the city! I'll start: - Patria - Baro

Frozen shui jiao from Asian American Foods / Kingdom of Dumpling

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

A month ago I returned to Asian American Foods to stock up on frozen dumplings to continue to shelter-in-place. This is the affiliate of Kingdom of Dumpling, the restaurant down the street, though ...