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"WEI'S KITCHEN," First Markham Place - Traditional Cantonese wok-hay stirred fry at its VERY BEST!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 10 days ago

After a nice, leisurely walk around Richmond Hill's Seneca campus, on this gorgeous Thanks- Giving Day, we ended up in First Markham Place in search of a casual place for dinner. The place we de...

Advice needed to fine-tune choices

by saffrongold 15 days ago

Hello , I have many questions and options, would love some input. We are 4 friends in our late-50's and adventurous eaters. Our first day will begin with b’fast at Veselka (for sentimental reas...

Can't find heavy cream (whipping cream) in Mexico City

by SocksManly 13 years ago

Hey everyone, I've just returned from Costco where I was SURE I'd find this completely normal ingredient, and nothing... I did find "Crema Batida" in a can, but that's really not what I'm after at ...

Sandwiches at Yellow the Cafe - Navy Yard

by Steve 2 months ago

To eat one of the sandwiches at Yellow the Cafe, you have to be ok with getting your hands absolutely filthy. There's not really a nice or polite way to eat them. They start off with a thick, ...

Washington DC on a budget. A review of several eateries in DC center.

by Rustscheff 4 years ago

Hello, I have been forced to live on USD 20 per hour after taxes and went to present research in Washington this week. I couldn't afford a hotel but found a wonderful rowhouse on 10 th st NW which ...

Good Eats and Drinks in Denver and Boulder

by willscarlett 8 days ago

I'm going to be in Denver and Boulder during the first week of November. A few years ago, I was at a dinner at the James Beard House in NYC that was run by Alex Seidel and his team, so I was wonder...

Hamburger Express

by lucyis 12 years ago

Does any other c'hound from the boomer generation remember the hamburger place on 73rd avenue in Bayside that served burgers and fries at a counter ringed by a model railroad track? They sent your...

Central Coast Update Wanted -- Pismo/Arroyo Grande/Avila Beach et al

by MRMoggie 10 years ago

Many of the posts on the Pismo Beach area are older, and likely outdated. Planning to be in Pismo for a few days and looking for decent Mexican food, hamburgers, or other sandwiches for lunch pl...

La Panetiere, Rye, to close after 36 years...

by gutreactions 23 days ago

Jacques Loupiac, founder and proprietor of La Panetiere in Rye, N.Y., has sold and will be retiring. He opened the restaurant in 1985 and through the years it prevailed as one of the top French res...

Outdoor seating, Durham/Chapel Hill?

by LulusMom 1 month ago

We're still not comfortable eating inside, and are looking for options with outdoor seating in Durham and Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Any suggestions? Things I know of: Vin Rouge, Venable Bistro, Akai...

Boston cassoulet watch 2019-2020

by youngho 2 years ago

I enjoy cassoulet. Unfortunately, it seems like there's been a dramatic reduction in the number of offerings in the Boston area over the last 15 years. I was happy to see that the new Rochambeau, ...

Looking for restaurant recommendations near Disneyland Paris

by RickBehl 8 days ago

Hi, I will be heading to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights in just over a week and will be staying close by to the park. I'm anticipating not a very high level of gastronomy within the park so I thi...

Lee's Kitchen in Eagle Rock, CA

by Rob575 8 days ago

Does anyone remember a famous Chinese restaurant named, "Lee's Kitchen" in Eagle Rock from back in the mid-late 80s? It was close to Toppers Tavern on Colorodo Blvd in Eagle Rock, CA. They had the...

GTA takeout/delivery in the era of COVID-19 - year 2

Dr. John
by Dr. John 7 months ago

The original thread is getting a bit unwieldy so I thought I would start version 2.0. Here is a link to the old thread: https://www.chowhound.com/post/gta-takeout-delivery-era-covid-19-1089693. ...

Loop restaurants

by twodales2 24 days ago

Any recommendations for a business dinner restaurant in the Loop or nearby for tomorrow night? (Not the Gage.) So many aren't open on a Tuesday including Millers Pub. Trattoria 10 is gone. Bandera...

Back on Castilla-León's roast lamb trail

by Maribel 13 days ago

We made a delightful recent discovery while driving from Valladolid to Madrid in pretty Arévalo, Avila province, stopping for a roast lamb lunch at the 1 Repsol sun, family-run ASADOR LAS CUBAS, go...

Jeninni Kitchen + Wine Bar's Monday Night Fried Chicken Special | Pacific Grove – Monterey Peninsula

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Around the corner from the Pacific Grove certified farmers market, one of my favorite restaurants, Jeninni Kitchen + Wine Bar, started offering a Monday night fried chicken dinner special, $26, dur...

Dining report-La Castillería, Vejer de la Frontera

by Maribel 1 year ago

Well, actually not in Vejer itself but “hidden” away in the tiny hamlet of (Pago de) Santa Lucía, 5 kilometers below this stunning whitewashed hill town. We dined on 3/11, 5 days after their off...