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Zwilling Sensation Set or Individual Pieces?

Thirty7Degrees | Dec 28, 201706:17 PM

I'm overall an novice cook who really wants to cook better. I have been relying on a cheap Bed Bath & Beyond cookware set ( for the past five years. It has served me surprisingly well for the price, but isn't meeting my needs especially as I cook more and more at home. So, yeah, it is long overdue to upgrade to better cookware.

I was originally planning to purchase a Cuisinart MCP set. Then, after some basic research and noting recommendations that are usually anti-cookware set, decided just to pick up a few pots and pans that I felt I would use. However, a recent trip to Sur La Table to take their Knife Skills 101 class introduced me the Demeyere Industry5 pots and pans. I like the feel of them. And the idea of buying pots and pans that will hopefully last me a lifetime is appealing. Many of them are on sale in sizes that I feel would be useful and I have a rough plan for a 2 qt saucepan, either the 3qt saute pan or 3.5 qt chef's pan, and the 9.5 in skillet (although the 11 in may be appropriate to splurge on?). I would purchase a cheap 8 quart stockpot. I was gifted a 4 quart enameled Dutch Oven for Christmas, have the Instant Pot, and already own a couple cast iron skillets for nostalgia's sake (I learned my first basic cooking recipes on a cast iron griddle).

However, I discovered that the Zwillings Sensations 10-piece Cookware Set is on sale for < $500. I'm lured by the idea of a good deal... but are the extra pieces a good idea?

I honestly don't know what I will or will not use as I develop skills and try out more recipes; I often was using the wrong pan for a task based on what I had. With my current cheap set, I mainly used the 2 qt saucepan, a 10 inch skillet, 2 quart saute pan (this became the 'workhorse' in my kitchen for some reason; used it for everything), and a 5 quart pot.

I also am tailoring pot and pan sizes to the size of the burners on my electric stove. I live in an apartment and that is unlikely to change in the near future, so will often be stuck with smaller burner sizes (currently two 6-inch and two 8-inch electric coils). I cook for one to two on a regular basis. I've mainly been cooking vegetarian dishes (my significant other is vegetarian and it's just easier to adapt mainly to diet, although I cook meat for myself a few times a month.)

So, my question: Is buying the Zwillings Sensations Cookware Set a good idea for price? Especially if I'm still learning what pieces of cookware I'll be using/not using? Or should I continue with the plan to purchase individual pieces over time? And what would be the most useful pieces for a novice cook?

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