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yogurt- live and active cultures question


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yogurt- live and active cultures question

twinmommy | Jul 24, 2004 11:09 AM

I have a book that says when you buy yogurt, you should make sure it doesn't say pasteurized, heat treated after culturing, etc. If it does, that means the good bacteria have been killed. The only yogurt I've found that doesn't say pasteurized is Dannon. The organic kind that I'd like to buy- Stonyfield- says cultured pasteurized. It also says live active cultures. But it doesn't have a a National Yogurt Association approval that the cultures are live, as Dannon does. I'm really confused: Do Stonyfield and other yogurts that say live active cultures but also say pasteurized really have live bacteria? Any yogurt experts here who can give me guidance? TIA!

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