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Enough for a year, help me fine tune it to a two-week trip!

saticoy | Mar 8, 201206:07 PM

Hello hounds -

If I could beg more of your help in fine-tuning my list, I would be most appreciative! I have 16 days in which to experience Paris - the first time I was there for two days with my husband and 4 year old, and I swore then I was coming back alone. I will be gloriously, blissfully alone for the duration. I have done copious research, and based my choices on the following criteria (in no particular order):

-location (I will be staying in the apparently chow-dreamy 10th, heading out to museum/landmark destinations
-comfortable for me dining solo (au comptoir, or MFK Fisher style-with a book tucked into a “bad” table - I may not be the best candidate for communal/convivial dining this trip)
-budget (reluctant to give amounts, just can’t spend my kiddo’s college fund, and that certainly seems possible...)
-my interest in trying some of the latest and greatest chowhound fave raves
-my desire to try classic/traditional French bistro fare including steak tartare, duck confit, salad lyonnaise, boeuf bourguignon, boudin noir/blanc, oeuf mayonaise, harengs pomme al’huile, choucroute , and any other you may recommend - I realize many of these are recommended at Josephine, Denise and Louis, but those did not make my list this time.
-my quest for deliciousness, wherever I go

Besides that, I am also planning to seek out North African and Turkish eats, as well as charcuterie, cheese and traiteur items for some meals. Oysters too, although the same criteria applies. I cannot WAIT to scour the Marche St. Quentin, and may even cook for myself a couple of times....whether or not I make a stock remains to be seen....I have only 16 days!

So, if you would, sil vous plait, vet my list of restos, and mention if one place in particular does one thing on my list of dishes particularly well...? Let me know of a hidden gem I for one of the specialties I crave? Then I can indulge in yet another round of delirious pre-vacation chowdreaming, and begin practicing my reservation-making French phrases... If I have mischaracterized a place, please do let me know.

Trad bistro
Au Dernier Metro (I have been obsessing over this place for three years)
Chez Nenesse
Chez Casimir (walking distance for me - probably try to go for my first night in Paris!)
Cafe des Musees
La Rotonde - (tartare)
Au Crus de Bourgogne - “good” boeuf bourgignon, old place

New bistro
Vivant (when I delved in deeper, it wasn’t just Jancou’s dreamy eyes and tattoos...!)
Les Papilles
Chez Marie Louise (kidneys and orecchiete?)
Le Reminet
Les Fines Gueules (tartare...???)

Wine Bars
Le Rubis (on the oeuf mayonaise list from Le Figaro)
Autour d'un Verre
Le Baron Rouge (peer pressure! I may not make this one....)

North African
Chez Hamadi
Wally Le Zaharien
Gepetto (I think Ptipois mentions this, and it is really hard to find on the internet...any thoughts?)
Couscous guy in St. Quentin

Urfa Dukur

Le Pot O’Lait

Pleine Mer
Someplace that serves Gillardeau oysters??? I read a post that I cannot put my hands on now...I think it was near the Sacre Coeur - near or on Parnassien's recommended street of good food feng shui that I deleted since finding the Rue de Petite Ecuries was close to my apartment.

Clearly, I could eat well, and relatively cheaply, for a few months with this list. Also, I will be leaving things a little bit loose - so just helping me prioritize and focus will be most appreciated. And, I promise to report back.

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