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Year-round apple supply mystery


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Year-round apple supply mystery

cypressstylepie | Apr 25, 2002 12:28 PM

Does anyone know how we really get apples, oranges, etc. year-round? I can understand more seasons, if you fly stuff in from the Southern hemisphere. But that would mean about 2 periods of about 2 months each for the fruit. Where's it coming from in the middle of our summer, or their winter? Or have people found a magical way to keep apples fresh?

I know the standard answer is that they are brought in from somewhere, but who heads this worldwide organization to stretch out a constant supply of apples and oranges (among other things)? I don't get to Union Square/Manhattan farmers' market enough to ask the farmers themselves- though they usually have apples in the fall!

It's not like these tree fruits can be brought up in a greenhouse- or can they?

Another thing that makes me go "Hmmmm".

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