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Yang BBQ aka Chef Yang's, New in Cupertino Village

Melanie Wong | May 11, 201210:59 AM     4

After finding Smiling House shuttered and a call to i-Restaurant proved it was also closed, I packed up Mom, Auntie, and my brother to head over to the other side of 280 to Cupertino Village where we'd have many choices for dinner. We had a very good dinner at Joy Luck Palace, and afterwards I did a quick walk around part of the shopping center to see what might be new.

On the side shared with Southland Taste, I found a new spot called Chef Yang's (on the outside signage) or Yang BBQ (on the menu). This is a small space with bare bones tables and chairs for casual service and the heady scent of cumin and smoke in the air. I asked the sullen cashier what style of food it served. She answered, "This is Chinese food." My next question asked which part of China and the reply was, "In the north." Continuing to pull teeth, my follow-up query iterated Harbin, Beijing, etc., and she answered, "XinJiang". Bingo!

No take-out menus available for further study, so I only had a quick peek at the offerings. Interestingly, there were several pork dishes, so presumably, this is not a muslim place. The diners at small tables had a central platter to tackle piled high with stacks of meat-laden, metal skewers. And I spotted something that looked like a hotdog on a stick, fanned and charred along diagonal slashes.

Looks worthy of chowhound investigation to me, hope to hear from local 'hounds who check it out.

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