Where did the worms come from, and other composting ruminations


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Where did the worms come from, and other composting ruminations

coll | Apr 11, 2013 06:36 AM

So, yesterday I emptied my spinning compost bin that I have been feeding all winter; I had just enough to top off my four raised beds. Only a dusting really, but since it's at half least manure I have high hopes.

First off, I couldn't believe the amount of big, juicy earthworms living in there. It's wonderful, but where did they come from? The bin sits at least two feet off the ground. So weird.

Second, a lot of stuff hadn't really decomposed. I haven't added much recently, so all this is close to a month old. I've been throwing whole hunks of waste in there: Are you supposed to be grinding it up into little bits maybe?

Also, a lot of things were actually growing in the bin. I had a brussel sprout stem that had quite a few 6 inch leaves growing off it. Also tons of potatoes, do they grow from peelings? I pulled out the biggest things but did leave some smaller stuff laying in the garden, thought it would be fun to see if there were any surprises (other than racoons and rats!)

The cool thing is, I planted some pea seeds only a few days ago, but couldn't turn on the sprinklers yet because we had our driveway blacktopped. Last night we had a ferocious thunderstorm, and when I looked out this morning, the pea plants are a few inches high already! Since I haven't even planted my indoor seeds yet, for various reasons, this gave me the boost I need to get back to work.

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