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The world's best and easiest mocha


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The world's best and easiest mocha

rworange | Jun 30, 2006 05:28 PM

In a topic about what to do if there is no milk in the house for coffee, Pat Hammond suggessted using ice cream. I did that with some vanilla and it was wonderful.

Raley's was having an ice cream sale, so I picked some chocolate last night and figured I'd try it in a cup this morning.

Oh my, oh my, oh my ...

Instant wonderful, amazing mocha.

The coffee becomes rich, there is a light whipped cream froth and when you get to the bottom of the cup in all that lovely froth there are still little cool pieces of chocolate ice cream.

I'm also thinking to up the chocolate flavor get the deepest chocolate ice cream or gelato available. My cup with Bryers regular chocolate tasted like a standard mocha, but I like intense chocolate and if this was so good, deeper chocolate might be more amazing.

Thanks again Pat. Now I HAVE to go out and get some coffee ice cream.

Love the fact you can bookmark a reply in a topic.

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