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Lan4Dawg | Jun 12, 2003 11:17 PM

the Rev got a new smoker for fathers' day. Mother got the big sucker that is more smoker than he will ever need but he is like a kid w/ a new toy & spent an hour telling me about it on the telephone & comparing it to mine. They brought it home in a torrential down pour this afternoon & he already has the thing put together & is just dying to get started. He did have a question about wood for smoking & I have no clue so thought I would ask here. They live on about 100 acres in North Georgia w/ an abundance of oak & hickory, as well as apple, peach, & pear trees so plenty of wood from those.
He has a stand of sourwood that he used to keep specifically for bees but the honey bee virus in N. GA wiped out most of his hives & he thinned a couple of sour wood trees & was wondering if that wood was any good for smoking. I have never seen it on any literature about smoking so have no idea.
While we are at it a question re: wild cherry wood. It can cause an "inconvenience" if used as skewers, &c for cooking but that should not transfer if using for smoking purposes one would think. Any assistance is appreciated.

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