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women and bad service


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women and bad service

hotoynoodle | Jun 26, 2007 06:50 AM

i replied to a thread on the boston board and that got deleted (like i knew it would) so i'll instead ask a question here.

often times women will claim they got ignored or received bad service "because they are women". i eat out frequently and sometimes will get haphazard, amateurish, disinterested, poor or occasionally even surly service. however, i never assume it's because of my gender. perhaps the kitchen is in melt-down, maybe the person is brand-new, maybe he's giving extra attention to regulars at my expense. i'm in the business and can drum up a gajillion other excuses.

i'm a sommelier, so usually order the wine, and more than once the server has presented the bottle to my male date. THAT'S gender-based. and stupid. but it always makes me chuckle.

anybody have actual proof, rather than the perceived slight, of being discriminated against as a diner because you're female?

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