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takadi | May 3, 200803:19 AM

Does anyone know where or how to buy those propane burners that goes from 100-200 BTU's? Kind of like this


I've been trying to find something like this for such a long time, but to no avail.

Outdoorstiryfry.com sells something similar but the rim is a little too big (13 inches wide) and it is kinda expensive. Apparently it goes up to 160k BTU's, but I don't know how accurate his claims are. I bought the cheapest one from that site for 40 bucks, but the propane valve kinda sucks and there aren't many flame holes, so there isn't much heat. When you turn up the heat, the flame has a tendency to go out in some of the holes. Not to mention it rusts very easily. I guess you get what you pay for.

The guy at indiajoze.com apparently sells one for 90 dollars but I'm not sure if the site is even active anymore. Plus it seems way too cheap to be true.

The wokshop sells one that looks really similar but it claims it only goes up to 32k BTU. I'm not sure if I believe any BTU rating anymore

There are also a bunch being sold on ebay starting at dirt cheap prices of 20 bucks not including shipping. The picture looks decent but seriously...20 bucks. The other alternative on there is being sold for about 300 bucks (being shipped from Australia).

They also sell professional wok ranges from Hong Kong which go for at least 1000 bucks a piece. Obviously out of the question.

It seems like the only place you can get a decent wok burner at a decent price is at major Asian markets but unfortunately I don't live near one (DC).

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