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whined out | Jul 1, 2002 10:46 PM

These guys sure make it complicated. Rothschild makes a wine in Chile..Rothschild Los Vascos..nice red wine..sells for about $8 a bottle..and Lafite Rothschild..made in Bordeaux, France..$190 a bottle..labels are remarkably similar...Depending on the vintage..1982 or 1986 were good years..would sell for much more..those must be good years...better year of wine production cost more...seems simple enough..unless you want wines from the Southern part of France..or California...or Italy..or Spain..all new set of different rules..different climates..better wines..and different priced wines...good years, bad years, combined with 1/2 dozen major wine producing countries..and regions.

No wonder people; other than wine connoiseurs are confused.

If you order a wine in a restauraunt, you have to be on your toes..or you might get a wrong wine, or an inferior vintage for the price of the higher priced vintage.

Seems like the wine industry is it's own worst enemy..makes it very difficult for the average person to order a bottle of wine..and you might have to deal with a snooty waiter...much easier to just get a scotch or a martini..every year was a good one.

btw..I am a wine aficionado..have a cellar with hundreds of cases..but these guys really make it difficult.

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