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White Gyoza (or Dumplings made with rice flour skins)


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White Gyoza (or Dumplings made with rice flour skins)

Akiko | Mar 15, 2002 03:27 PM

I know there are others out there who will understand. I am on the hunt for a recipe to make chinese dumpling skins for a type of dumpling that Japanese people call White Gyoza. I have no idea what the real (chinese) name is for this kind of dumpling but I can describe it in painstaking detail as I've been craving them for the last 3 years (ever since I left Japan and haven't been able to find a place in America that makes them).

White Gyoza are bigger than normal dumplings, probably because the skin is also thicker than your typical dumpling. The skin must be made of glutinous rice flour because it has that chewy texture AND when they are pan fried the dumplings turn that beautiful golden brown color on the bottom (darker where it came into contact with the pan), and are crispy when bitten into. Crispy and chewy.

I'd love a recipe for the meat filling too but this kind of dumpling is really more about the skin than the filling.

Does anyone have a recipe for these skins? Or know of a place in Manhattan that sells them?

There are only a few places in Japan that make them, The one I frequented is in Koshigaya, Saitama and there is another by Kurashiki. There are always huge lines of people waiting to buy these ready made or to sit down and enjoy them right there.

My mouth is watering just talking about them. Can someone help me?

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