white eggs in veg patch soil?


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white eggs in veg patch soil?

cleopatra999 | Apr 23, 2009 09:59 PM

so excited for this new board on chow!! I am on my second year of a new garden and learning lots.

question #1 (of many this year I am sure)

tilled over my soil from the winter and found clumps of white eggs in a couple of my boxes. Finding information that is pointing to snails/slugs, but not consistent. The info says that the eggs of these guys will be clumped with a jelly like substance, these were not, they were together but not in any kind of substrate. they were pearly white, about 3mm. maybe 10-15/clump.

any ideas? I picked out quite a few of them, but there is no way I got them all. what should I be waiting for?

previous year had kale and lettuce in the area, kale did great no signs of any insects. lettuce was in separated bed and did okay, but did suffer from some sort of eating, and there was some slime evidence, it was never enough to worry about treating the problem. I did not think about the idea that whatever might be eating it would lay eggs and they would overwinter in -35c. we did come across the occasional slug and killed them when we did.

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