Whisking in a Tin-lined Copper Pan?


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Whisking in a Tin-lined Copper Pan?

jljohn | May 31, 2012 07:42 AM

I have a 3 Qt stainless-lined saucier that I can use for making larger amount of sauces, but sometimes I want a smaller amount of sauce that would be better made in a smaller pan, like a Hollandaise to go with a meal. My smaller flared pan is a tin-lined windsor, and I am wondering what folks with tin-lined copper do about whisking. Do you use some sort of wood or bamboo whisk; do you keep other pans specifically for whisking; or do you just whisk away and figure its part of using tin-lined copper (and it's the only time metal touches your tin!)?

On a related note, I am struck by how often cookbooks, written by chefs who I assume would never actually do such a thing, are illustrated with images of food in tin-lined copper pans together with metal utensils. See here: or see Tanis, Figs, p. 84 or Tanis, Artichokes, pp 44-45 (with a metal fork!). Is this odd to anyone else, or have I just become too sensitive about protecting tin linings?

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