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Wedding Halls - Food Waste

jhopp217 | Jun 10, 201212:00 PM

I have really been getting on people about food waste lately. I was at a wedding last night and everything was amazing, but I noticed that at the end of cocktail hour each station was loaded with food. Then during the night, I noticed that about 1/3 of the salads went untouched or half eaten. There was a pasta course which was a small portion, but I noticed many passed on this or just took a bite or two. Then during the main course, many people only ate 1/4 or half their meal, wanting to rejoin the dance floor. The most striking was the desserts during the Venetian hour. This wedding really went overboard with literally ten tables with hundreds of choices. Many sliced fruit or dipped fruit options. Despite there being about 150 there, only 3-4% of the food was actually eaten.

Does anyone work in a wedding or catering hall? What happens to all this food? If it is all thrown out, I may start protesting weddings. I can't imagine the amount of mouths it would feed.

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