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new to weber kettle grilling and can't get temp above 300


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new to weber kettle grilling and can't get temp above 300

nang | Sep 14, 2010 05:07 PM

I've been a gas griller for years but when I replaced the weber gas grill I went with the charcoal weber kettle grill. The test is MUCH better, but I am constantly struggling with getting the temp up to something worthy of actually cooking the food instead of dehydrating it.

It seems like once I take the food off in exasperation, then the darn thing heats up like a blast furnace.

So question:

(1) how to start the fire?
Currently I have a chimney that i put one newspaper piece in the bottom and fill the top with brickets...that gets going like a crazy blast furnace and I dump that in the center of the cooking grate.

(2) how to regulate...heat up...the brickets once they've started to cool off from the blast furnace chimney starter? I've tried all vents open and bottom vent open with top vent mostly closed. Neither work until I've grown frustrated, take everything off and then go microwave it so we can eat before bed time.

HELP...please...and thanks!

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