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Weber gas grill questions...

TroyOHChatter | Jun 4, 2012 12:05 PM

My current grill is a 2000 Weber Silver C that I bought new. Now this thing cooks great and I have used the begeezers out of it, replacing grates and such. My parents, who grill out very rarely, tried to do me the favor of buying me a grill to use at their house, both fails. Finally, I found a Craigslist Weber gas in need of restoration. I threw some flavorizer bars at it and did a bit of cleaning here and there and it's ready. But now, a dilemma and I need to bring it up here.

The one I got for them is one of the first Weber Gas, the ones with the "criss cross" flavorizer bars and deeper burner box. After cooking on both grills, I have to say that the $30 Craigslist find I swear puts out more heat than my ole Silver C. Makes sense, since it has more bars and more "metal"
heating up. Nothing wrong with my grill and I love it to pieces, but I was just wondering if anyone has experience with the old Weber gas with the 12 bars and wonder if they find it cooks better and throws more heat.

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