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Wanted to try Sage in LIC but got turned off, quick. Was I wrong?


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Wanted to try Sage in LIC but got turned off, quick. Was I wrong?

janie | Jul 29, 2008 02:14 PM

Are there any places that have been hyped up on this board, and then you just walk in and get such a bad vibe, that you just turn around and get out of there? Wanted to try this place, but frankly, I cannot for the life of me understand how any food place no matter how small can operate without airconditioning in the summer. It is too hot to stand in there and figure out what you want, and frankly, when I enter a place if I see a floor that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages, and walls that look like they are crumbling, I get out of there .The place looked real bad hygiene wise, and had I known their recent DOH report, I wouldn't have bothered, or at least if it wasn't so obvious to the eye, but frankly, the place is a real dump.

So, my question is knowing a place is a dump, do you stay, try the food, in the sweltering heat? And the desserts that were so raved about, took a quick glance in the cake servers, and wow, it looked like that place I can't stand in the city, ala betty crocker desserts. Yuk.

How can a place that does catering operate like this, Sorry, but this would keep me away, and frankly, I think others should be aware that it's not a quaint chic little clean spot at all. The food may indeed be good, but I look around when I eat, and while there may be much I don't see in a place that may have problems, something so obvious isn't worth going out of the way for. What are they making there anyway? Sandwiches, salads, soup? It's nothing special.

When in LIC, you'd be better to head over to De Mole, sit in the peace and quiet, and enjoy a nice lunch for a fair price, prepared and served in a clean manner that is both respectful to the client and place, and the food. Sorry, but this place is not somewhere I would seek out, and I've eaten in many dives that made this place look pretty bad. I guess some people mistake this for charm.

How many places on Chowhound that have been hyped up fail to mention atmosphere and then turn someone off? Any places like this for you???

This is one for me. Maybe if I ate their food and didn't see their storefront, but a caterer should be running a place that looks spotless. And the counter help looked like they were going to faint from the heat, this is isn't nice either.

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