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Waabari Restaurant - MSP

MSPD | Mar 28, 200812:23 PM

I don't know a whole lot about east African food.

I know what tastes good but really don't know if what I ate would be considered good.

In fact, I'm frankly not sure exactly what it was that I was eating.

Truth be told, I'm just operating on assumption that the place is east African.

There was eggplant and rice. A poultry of some kind and something with cubed beef in it. A month later, I haven't been hospitalized and/or sprouted unusual appendages.

What I do know 100% is that there is a restaurant called Waabari that opened on February 21 (the night I happened to be driving by) that offers a buffet of what I assume is east African cuisine and a menu board that also includes other ethnic market pan-global foods (like samosas, gyros and a cheesesteak, none of which were available on their opening night). I guess there have been other short-lived Somali restaurants there, as well as Harry Singh's Caribbean.

I really just wanted a snack but ended up with a to-go container with little samplings of many of the items from the buffet. They all tasted interesting enough with various spices and flavors that were a bit beyond my knowledge of African foods. It quite possibly could be the Somali version of Old Country Buffet for all I know.

The reason I write this post that is seemingly devoid of any meaningful chow content is that I'm just wondering if anyone else with better credentials in the world of east African cuisine knows anything about the place. Maybe it's a gem. Maybe I'm just bored at work, cleaning out my wallet, found the receipt and remembered to post. Either way...hopefully someone finds this useful or remotely interesting.

Waabari Restaurant
3205 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

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