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A verison for Clear Broth Beef Stew Chinese Style

yimster | Jun 24, 200504:39 PM

This is the first time I have made this dish and I need to fine(and the rest of the hounds need to do the same) tune the recipe.

Fill the a stock pot with a "Shang Dong" broth (in Chinese it called high broth and is a long cooking soup stock in the kitchen of your favorite Chinese eating place that the cook makes his quick cooked soup so I had to make this soup stock the day ahesd of time. the recipe will follow the first recipe)

Clear Broth Beef Stew Chinese Style

5 to 8 lbs of multi-layer belly brisket (the more layers the better) cut into two pieces so that it is easier to handle.

Enough stock to cover the meat completely with a lot to spare ( at least six to eight inches over the meat)

Two pieces of peeled ginger crushed not cut into small pices.

Six to eight cloves of peeled garlic.

Put everything in a stock pot and heat to a boil and reduce to a simmer and wait for at least two hours. You will need to check on the meat after 1.5 hours and then every 20 minutes to see if the meat to as tender as you want.

Remove the meat after it is as tender as you want. Then cook the broth a little more to reduce it and increase the favor.

After the meat cools slice it thinly and display on the plate and top with broth and vegtables you want. In my case it was Chinese turnip (not the Japanese verison because I think it is not as sweet, but it has it own uses). If you can wait you should let the meat to rest in the stock overnight. That will increae the favor a lot.

The soup stock I made the day before.

2lbs of carrots
One whole celery
4 medium onions
2lbs of Chinese turnip

All peeled and cut into a fine dice.

One whole "banana" beef shank
2lbs beef soup bones. I had the butcher slice the bones cross wise, giving me more surface. Which I oven roasted for 1 hour to brown them and to increase the favor.

six Hung Joe (jujubee or red date)
2 large pieces of peeled ginger crushed
six to eight cloves of garlic.

Filled a sixteen quart stock pot with everything in the pot and cook at a simmer for six hours. This stock should be cooked until all the vegetables are mushy.

Remove the beef stock after about one hour. That is for another use (lue suei beef shank recipe at another time). Remove the vegtables and bones. You refrigeate the stock and remove the fat for the next morning.

I reserve some of the stock to cook the Chinese turnip to serve with stew seperately.

I do not think I left anything out but I reread for tenth time after I post.

My sons got up this morning cooked a pot of rice and ate most of stew so since I has a lot of stock I am cooking some more and will post the picture after the boys get home and we figure out how to post the pictures.

Next week the other Chinese Beef Stew.

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