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Need help please: Vegetarians serving summer dinner to non-vegetarians


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Need help please: Vegetarians serving summer dinner to non-vegetarians

mj | Jul 30, 2004 07:04 PM

Had planned on a formal breakfast for some neighbors new to the area. We don't know each other well enough to go super-casual just yet.

Now, their schedule only works for dinner.
Most of my entertaining meals (as a vegetarian) are more autumn-winter in nature. (eg: vegetable pot pie w/cranberries on the side...
stuffed squashes, various casseroles, etc.)

Any great ideas for vegetarians not wanting to be 'too obvious' at dinnertime. (Brunch works easier for us, as we eat eggs & usually a nice egg dish or sweet pancake dish makes everybody happy.) I find w/dinners...tastes are more narrow. :-{ Some of what we consider very normal...others find unusual.

And yet, I'd hate to send a litany of "do you like this vegetable, or *this* one?" to them! This bean or that? Ideas for a nice entertaining summer dinner, would be most appreciated!! Got some ideas already here for appetizers.
I guess I could shoot for some sort of pasta dish, but again...that seems so everyday...
and w/things like could just get a frozen one any ol' time. (altho' I guess I could shoot for a gourmet one)

I once made a gourmet vegetable galette that was quite good, but I lost the recipe. If anybody out there would know of it or have was from Sunset magazine probably 1993/94 or so. It was a Farmer's Market Galette or Tart from the Northwest. Used roasted eggplant...tomatoes...zuchini & ricotta cheese on pastry. Was quite delicious!
Anybody out there who could assist us newbies with entertaining? Thanks so much!!! :-)
Ps. *Could* use our grill, but that can again be awkward w/meat eaters...we're not exactly adept at grilling steaks these days! ;-) Nor are we keen on bringing home meat.

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