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Vegetarian dishes....maybe I'm just in a mood for a rant...

janetofreno | Dec 9, 200910:59 PM

I spent a long six day weekend in what feels like my home away from home lately, Charlotte NC (business takes me there frequently). When I go there I am often asked to play hostess to a group going out for nice dinners. But this isn't really about Charlotte, although my complaint might be one that is better addressed in more vegetarian parts of the country....

However, once again, the inevitable vegetarian among us faced almost no choices for dinner. Several of the restaurants we went to pride themselves on their "farm to table" type philosophy....yet everything was very meat or fish centric. It seems that even a pasta was beyond the chef's purvue. I watched as my dining companion was served essentially a "sample" plate of side dishes on several occasions: basically three of the existing veggie dishes combined. Ironically, the best effort at making her a vegetarian dish was at the one steakhouse we went too....

I especially resent the fact that a couple of the places we went to offered to make her a vegetarian entre, and then returned with a plate filled with spoonfuls of the same side dishes (mashed potatoes, veggies, etc) that the rest of the table was sharing (and servings were generous enough that she could have made her own plate out of these without being charged for an extra entree.....).

Hounds, if you are entertaining how do you handle this? Do you ever try and call ahead of time to see what vegetarian dishes the chef is willing to present? My colleague was graceful about it, and said "I'm used to it, don't worry..." ..But should she really have to settle??

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