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Veal bone leftover?


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Veal bone leftover?

JoCcreek | Jan 15, 2003 12:15 AM

OK, I have to say I'm a littel confused by all the recipes I see out there concerning stocks!

Veal bones for me to get are very rare.

I just cooked a braised veal breast....very dissapointing...

Point being, can I use the left over cooked breast for somthing else.....I don't want to thow them away!

To clarifie, it was only 3lbs. Maybe that was the proplem since most recipes I''d seen called for 10-LBS. or so?

To add to the problem I'm still not real clear on the qestion on using fresh meat bones verses already cooked bones in a many questions not really answered for me.

PS. I'm only cooking for two, but plan ahead as much as I can.

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