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useless "Nutritional Value" charts


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useless "Nutritional Value" charts

Gary Haarcourt | Feb 22, 2001 06:55 PM

Two things which puzzle me:

1) Is there a source/website with info on label-exempt items? I really would like to know how many calories (among other variables) are in various alcohols, for example -- wine vs. beer, Kahlua vs. Bailey's, etc.

Why, in fact, is alcohol exempt? I, for one, would really like to know what is IN some of those composite liquers. How can someone lactose-intolerant drink Bailey's without knowing whether it actually has cream in it? Or spirits like Amaretto -- there are a LOT of people with nut allergies. How is one to know what is safe to drink?

2) Has anyone noticed that when labels became "standardized" about 3 or 4 years ago, that things became far far WORSE? Instead of foods calculating their charts using arbitrary serving sizes, they more-or-less "fixed" the serving size, but at the same time removed all meaning from those sizes. For example, most cereals now label in terms of one cup, but use that to mean anything from 25g to 68g.

I suppose that for cereals it has something to do with weight vs. volume, but why then would anyone fix the definition in terms of volume? And even liquid units are all over the place in terms of gram equivalents. I assume the density of most drinks are more-or-less the same, yet I see pint, quart, and gallon equating to wildly different gram amounts on different soft drinks.

It really appears to me that the manufacturers were so set in their ways with whatever portion sizes they had been using up to the change, that they simply fudged the definitions accordingly when the time came.

Am I missing something?

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