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Upscale Korean food?


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Upscale Korean food?

Shannon Clark | Jan 15, 2004 03:53 PM

On the Chicago board (see link below, but look up and down the thread), there has been a discussion about "upscale Korean" and the seeming lack of it.

There are some places such as JinJu, Soju and Koryo in Chicago that offer an "upscale" atmosphere, but many feel they also offer "dumbed down" dishes as well as limited menus.

While Chicago has a vibrant Korean community, taking in many square miles of the North/Northwest side of Chicago (including streets with most signs in Korean), most of the restaurants are "family style" places, buffets, or bars. Great, even amazing food, and worth visiting but not "upscale".

In a quick sampling of Google searches, it appears that similar challenges face Korean food lovers throughout the country, even the world (saw some articles with similar complaints about Korean in London for example).

Are there "upscale" Korean places? By this I, at least, mean places with formal and elegant spaces, great service, wine lists, high quality ingrediants (especially with respect to the beef that is an important part of many Korean dishes) and ideally a welcoming environment for food lovers regardless of race or language spoken (i.e. if the menu isn't fully translated, at least a friendly and helpful service staff willing to help all diners navigate the menu).

I have eaten at a few such places around the country, but I would love to hear about more. (Woo lea oak which may be a chain is one such with a fairly recently opened place in Chicago's suburbs that I haven't yet tried, though I used to go to their downtown location and generally enjoyed it).




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