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Unique Rice Noodle Rolls (Cheung Fun) At Jade Garden in Sugar Land

Chandavkl | Oct 30, 2011 10:14 AM

Rice noodle rolls are a common staple at dim sum restaurants. However, in the US (as opposed to overseas or even Canada), dim sum restaurants usually only serve a very few common varieties (i.e., shrimp, beef and pork). And once in a while you'll find a restaurant which might have one offbeat variety (e.g., mushroom, chicken bitter melon) in addition to the standard choices. Consequently I was absolutely stunned when I walked into Jade Garden in Sugar Land to see two varieties I had never seen anywhere before--fish roe scallop and egg tofu. The egg tofu cheung fun was very good, though the exterior was a little crispier than the typical egg tofu. However the fish roe scallop cheung fun was fantastic. When it arrived I thought they had mistakenly given me shrimp cheung fun due to the orange color that peeked through the rice noodle wrapper. But that just turned out to be the thick layer of fish roe on top of the scallops. Also I was pleased to see the use of large sliced scallops, as sometimes at the very few places that may serve scallop cheung fun they use the tiny scallops. The rice noodle rolls themselves were excellent--almost transluscent and chewy. A couple of cautions here. The fish roe scallop cheung fun is only marked as "special" on the dim sum price list and the cost was about $10. (I'm used to paying $1.99 for my beef cheung fun.) And it took them about 20 minutes to prepare. However, despite being a cheapskate and an impatient person, it was worth it.

Jade Garden is at 4555 Highway 6, #C in Sugar Land. I've only seen one brief mention of it on this board without specific mention of any dishes, so any other information on their fare would be appreciated.

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