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Underwhelmed by Fage

thew | May 25, 200806:20 AM

a minor rant:

i love thick strained greek-style yogurt, but (and i know this borders on CH heresy) i think Fage is way overrated. Unfortunately they are so successful they have driven out most of the rest of the greek-style yogurt i can find.

To me Fage is really lacking in yogurt flavor, it doesn't have the sour undertone that keep yogurt from tasting flat and flabby and, well like thick milk.

I just bought some Oikos, but i can only find that in 0% fat, not 2% which i prefer, mouth-feel wise, but the flavor is much better than Fage. And if a no fat tastes better than a 2% something is very wrong.

There is a vegetable stand in my 'hood that used to sell its own homemade stuff, that i adored, but now only sells Fage. Sigh.

So.. to make this not just a pure rant, does anyone have suggestions for different brands?
does anyone else feel the same way i do about Fage?

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