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Which Types of Restaurants Fascinate You the Most?

Perilagu Khan | Feb 28, 201212:00 PM

I'm not asking which kind of food you like to go out to eat. I'm asking which types of restaurants create a total dining experience (including cuisine) that makes them your favorite.

For me, it's steakhouses and Indian restaurants.

When I speak of steakhouses, I mean those dark, intimate, clubable, and vaguely Italian-American steakhouses where the Sinatra wafts through the air and the red wine list is long. I simply love those places. They feel more like 1962 than 2012. And they typically serve a very mean cut of beef.

I love Indian restaurants because I've found the hosts, waitstaff and chefs in these establishment to be almost unfailingly dignified and charming; the Indian music (sometimes pop, sometimes not) makes a beguiling backdrop; I love ferreting out new Indian preparations (every Indian restaurant has a few specialties rarely seen elsewhere), and Indian chefs are not afraid to ratchet up the heat when I request it.

Which types of restaurants deliver the whole package for you?

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