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Help! My turkey is in the oven and I don't know how long to cook it!

Siegal | Nov 27, 201409:40 AM     12

Its a 15.5 lb defrosted regular turkey. I lightly stuffed it with lemons and onions parsley but not stuffing. I am cooking it at 325 and its been in about 45 min. But I keep getting different answers on how long to cook it. The package said 4-4.5 hours at 325, my Culinary Arts Institute Cookbook says 18-20 mins a pound at 300 (so I figured a minute or 2 less per lb) and that comes out to about the same as the package. The food network website said 20 min per lb at 350 - so that would be over 5.25 hrs? and a few other websites on line said 12-15 min per lb at 325 which would put it at 3.1-3.8 hours. I am so confused. Please help!

I don't have a thermometer

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