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The truth about your local farmers' market


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The truth about your local farmers' market

spike74 | Jul 24, 2011 02:41 PM

I'm talking about a market where farmers sell products in a town center not a single store that sells farmed goods.

I find the percentage of tasty fruit is much lower than that found at a quality supermarket. Too many items seem ripe (they give to the touch, smell good etc...) but are mealy, sour, or bland. Many products are terrific and all are fresh but I find I have to throw out items after bringing them home as I wouldn't want to eat them. Maybe this is the downside of having a smaller farm where you don't have the equipment or personnel to delivery the consistency of a larger farming outfit.

The other truth at least in NJ where I live is the farmers are frequently selling items they did not grow. They are buying them from other farms and reselling them. In some of these cases, I could go to any store and find the items from these farms. In others, the farmers are buying from neighbors and I would have to go there to buy them so I guess this is a bit more acceptible. Still, they didn't grow the products.

The third truth is the farmers also lie or display their merchandise in a deceptive way. They will display plums, peaches, and nectarines where the peaches and nectarines are local and the plums are from California. They will put the plums in one of the green cardboard boxes without any wrapping to make them look local. Sometimes they even peel the plu# stickers off.

Maybe it's just my local market but I suspect at least some of these issues occur elsewhere.

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