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Tried and true strategies for lightening recipes (in cooking, not baking)…

The Dairy Queen | Mar 28, 200807:26 AM

I know there are probably a million posts about this out there, so please feel free to provide links if you know of some helpful threads on this same topic, but do you all know some tried and true strategies for lightening recipes without compromising much flavor or texture? I know it’s a hard question to answer without some specific recipes in mind, but I’m just looking for general ideas. Otherwise, I just end up freelancing on my own when I’m in the kitchen, and that isn’t always so great. Specifically for cooking (I know baking is a whole other thing), how to significantly reduce or completely replace:

Would using—for texture-- a small amount of olive oil plus –for flavor--a dab of butter or even Molly McButter (made from butter solids) work?

~Heavy cream?
Would using evaporated milk work a lot of the time? I’ve heard quark can be a good substitute, too, though I haven’t tried it. Any real life experiences with this?

Lately I’ve been cutting the amount of sugar by about 25%, then using half sugar, half Splenda. I hate going the artificial sweetener route, though, so I would love some other ideas…

It’s not that I think butter, heavy cream and sugar are evil—I love them and normally feel happy to use a little bit them, but right now, I’m on a specific weight loss program where I’m allowed nonfat dairy products and some olive oil or canola oil every day and non, but not a lot of butter, heavy cream, or sugar. These constraints are only temporary, but they are real nevertheless…


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