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the trouble with food nannies


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the trouble with food nannies

tabehodai | Dec 13, 2006 08:43 AM

I thought the Chowhound users would take interest in this editorial about the Japanese government's wrong-headed implementation of food nannies -- a board to judge the authenticity of Japanese food served abroad.

I saw a news report about this recently, in which a Japanese TV reporter made faces while eating at sub-standard ''Japanese'' restaurants in Paris (with NOT ONE Japanese wait staff or chef -- shijirarenai!). While watching this, I had to wonder if this guy would make the same fuss at a chain izakaya in Japan that serves discounted tuna from Spain prepared by an underpaid Chinese cook.

While I see a need for authenticity, and acknowledge that Japan has plenty of great chefs who've trained abroad, this whole food-nanny (nazi) has a bad smell.

Anyway, food for thought.

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