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Triple D Visits. Hits and Misses.

Davwud | Dec 4, 201110:43 AM

Hey Hounds.

So we've started a mini debate on how good or not the places featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are. I've been to about 10 and while I'd say one was no better than good, none have been terrible. Which has been eluded to off and on in various posts. I would say that most I've been to have been at least 9 out of 10. I'm not that hard to please though. I generally go in thinking I'm gonna enjoy myself and do.

So, with all that said, where have you been and what's it been like??

Here is my list somewhat in order of enjoyment.

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger ~ Ann Arbor, Mi (One of the best burgers I've ever had. Awesome place)
Chino Bandido ~ Phoenix, Az. (Stupid good and strange fusion of Mexican and Chinese)
Blue Ash Chili ~ Cincinnati, Oh. (Great Cinci chili and other local favourties)
Matt's Big Breakfast ~ Phoenix, Az. (Only ate one breakfast but it was outstanding)
Martin's BBQ ~ Just outside Nashville, Tn. (Great Q but not awesome like the ones above)
Joe's Gizzard City ~ Pottersville, Mi. (Some great food here. A few misses and lots of grease. Loved it though)
Lake Effect Diner ~ Buffalo, NY. (Good, solid to exceptional diner fare. Great people too)
Wallace Station ~ Midway, Ky. (Really good but my burger rated top 5 by Guy was not in my top 10)
Rick's White Light Diner ~ Frankfort, Ky. (Good but not better. Well worth a visit. If just for Rick himself)

So let's hear it. Where have you been and what was it like??


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