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saffrongold | Nov 3, 202104:15 PM     6

I asked for advice before my trip and want to report on what we actually managed to experience. My first night I met up with a friend and we went to Red Farm for drinks and a bar snack on the advice of my airbnb host. Drinks were expertly prepared and complemented the food nicely. I had the shredded bbq duck with butter lettuce leaf wrap and my friend had a salad that I don't remember.

Sunday morning was when I was supposed to meet friends for breakfast at Veselkas. I tried, in vain, to get them to pivot to Streechy but they wanted more traditional breakfast offerings. I had a small order of pierogi and some inedible borscht. Dinner was at (Chelsea) Chama Mama and we liked the atmosphere and food. Highlight was the adjaruli khachapuri and Georgian-style tarragon grappa.

The next day I only had time for shopping at Kalustyans, not the recommended Little India, and it was good to cruise the aisles again. My best score was Tonka beans. Lunch on my own at Wokuni was really good. The room is gorgeous and the food and service top notch. The set lunch is very fair and satisfying. We enjoyed happy hour oysters at the Mermaid Inn. Dinner at Sala Thai was a disappointment. The room is lovely but all the dishes tasted the same and nothing was spicy. The service was overly hovering.

Our most memorable meal was at Shukette. Everything was excellent. We had hummus, beet appetizer, house bread, roasted delicate squash, tuna meatballs, fennel salad, lamb kebab and the soft serve tahini ice cream. Great balance and variety of flavors.

Mike's Deli on Arthur Ave was great and we did make the short walk to recommended Terra Nova bakery. I didn't need any bread or cookies so I got some sesame breadsticks and they were outstanding.

We kept our pre-show reservation at Etcetera Etcetera and so glad for it. Service was great and so was the food. Two of us had grouper with polenta, there was a salmon and lentil entree and a mushroom risotto entree. Nice portions, well executed.

The last night I was feeling a cold coming on and didn't dare venture further than a place I would walk to so got some stuff to go from Szechuan Garden. The garlic spinach, eggplant tofu and wonton soup were quite good, the hot and sour soup was not. Thankful for the ease since I was feeling low energy.

For incidental little things to pick up we were glad we stopped at Barney Greengrass (next time will go for Zabars), Absolute Bagels (despite rude service), cheesecake from the Mercado near High Line, Economy Candy and The Pickle Guys. Made it to Lee Lee's bakery in Harlem for the rugulach and they were super.

Thanks for the suggestions

Chama Mama
The Mermaid Inn - Chelsea
Mike's Arthur Avenue Italian Deli
Terranova Bakery
Etcetera Etcetera
Szechuan Garden
Barney Greengrass
Absolute Bagels
Lee Lee's Baked Goods
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