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Transporting Ice Cream


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Transporting Ice Cream

mobiledynamics | Jul 2, 2017 09:14 AM

Not really cookware but this is where I hang my hat....
Just short of dry ice, will a boatload of ice in a cooler transporting a ice cream cake be okay for a 60-90 drive to destination.

Hell, I time our ice cream purchases for ourselves (even with cooler in tow), I try to buy it at non-peak times where we can drive faster and not hit any traffic.

I had a custom ice cream cake made for my 3 yr old nephew.
The goal is to prechill the cooler as always 12 hrs beforehand, and lotsa ice and cooler in tow with a 60-90 minute drive to our destination.

Am I asking for trouble and do I need to go out of my way to seek some dry ice.

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