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Can anyone translate a thai menu for us?


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Can anyone translate a thai menu for us?

zim | Sep 30, 2002 11:43 AM

Hi folks,

There's a thai place in chicago that's a favorite for a few chowhounds out here. This place has a kinda of double identity.

Much of the food on regular menu is overly gloppy, cornstarched stuff, but when we can convince waitstaff to give us the food "real thai style" it is great, some of the best in the city.

However not all of the staff is willing to order for us off this menu, and the one who is most willing doesn't always give the full range of dishes available (though she is great in most other ways), Maybe not trusting american tastes - in fact even after numerous visits each dish seems to have to be requested "real thai style".

After repeated pleas to translate the menu (no easy task she assures us) She gave me a copy of the thai menu which has been digitized and posted by another 'hound. Unfortunately, I can not read nor speak thai and come to others for help.

I realize that many of the dishes may be simply translations of the english menu items for thai speakers but I do know that we've been made items there that don't exist at all on the english menu, and would really love to see if there are other such items, and of course to eat them.

A post about this was made my Mike G on the chicago board at:

a direct link to the menu is attached below. As Mike warns "be aware that it's a pretty big jpeg which will take a while to download on a dialup connection."


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