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Is Trader Joe's "KOSHER" beef really kosher?


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Is Trader Joe's "KOSHER" beef really kosher?

smartshopper101 | Mar 25, 2016 07:44 AM

I have just purchased my first "kosher" beef from Traders Joe's and was very surprised and disappointed.
I shop at Trader's Joe's sometimes and like some of their products but I would question their kosher beef section. Is it really kosher? It doesn't have the rabbinic mark and just the plain K and it does not state that the meat is supervised . I have opened my first batch of the meat I bought from them and it smelled awful. I called the TJ,s the following day and they friendly stated that they know the meat smells bad and I should come to the store to get my refund. If the meat smells bad... it can not be good for consumption , and if you know it is not good why are you selling it to people? By the way , the "kosher" beef packaging says the product has the shelf-life of 21 days, and mine was suppose to be good for the next 2 weeks!! What are they adding to it to keep its vivid red color I have no idea , but surely it is not good for you. I will definitely not purchase this product again.

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