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Trader Joe's Anonymous

NewDude | Sep 29, 2009 01:08 AM

I consider myself to be a rational person. I know I should eat in moderation. I am also a busy person. I know it is a waste of gas and time to circle around a parking lot ten times in order to find a non-existent space. During off peak hours. Yet, I endure the nonsense anyway. Why? That's right, TJ's snacks are addicting.

I just went through half a bag of BAKED cheese puffs. First of all, no one eats baked cheese puffs. They only taste good oozing with oil. Second, no one eats half a bag per sitting. That's just...gross. I did it anyway. And it's past midnight..

Why, TJ's snacks are addicting.

The same thing happened with their chocolate chip cookies. I was disappionted that they no longer stocked their organic chocolate chip variety. So I had to "settle" for their non organic variety. Instant addiction. They're actually too dangerous to buy since I believe I'm capable of eating an entire tin in one sitting.

I picked up their pecan cookies out at random. Same thing. Literally could not stop eating them.

It's not fair. I'm trying to be sensible about portions.

Crazy atmosphere. Check. Nonexistent parking. Check. Dorky, talk too much, immature wanna be rockers and gothers manning every checkout aisle. Check.

But the cookies. And the cheese puffs. My goodness. And they cost next to nothing.


Yes, I'm an addict. Sad, but true. Fellow addicts, revel and/or confess here.

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