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Toronto bakeries with swiss meringue type frosting on cakes and cupcakes- please help

westcoastgal | May 2, 201210:06 PM

I am looking for a bakery to do a cutesy princess style topper cake and 3 to 4 dozen mini cupcakes for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I have been tasting cupcakes around town until I feel sick and have wasted a lot of money and gained six pounds.
In my tasting, I have realized that not all cupcakes are the same nor are they good. Also, I don't like the thick sweet American style icing used at places like Yummy Stuff and prefer the very light, less sweet, more whip cream like frosting like at Bobette and Belle. Although Bobbette and Belle has a great red velvet, the rest of their cakes are just average and in my opinion,not great. One, the pumpkin, was half raw the day I got it and I was already home and unable to complain. However, so far, they and Half Baked Ideas are my favorite. The only issue with Half Baked is that they only have chocolate, vanilla and lemon cake. I really want more options as my daughter wants a strawberry cake or red velvet. She loves red and pink obviously.
Can anyone recommend a good birthday cake bakery that does cakes and cupcakes but doesn't charge a fortune? Price isn't a huge issue but she's 3, not 16. She has the attention span of a flea and doesn't even eat a whole slice of cake or cupcake. She licks of the icing and eats two bites. Hence the mini cupcakes and one small cake for her to cut.
Unfortunately, most places want a lot more to add a topper like an edible image or candy crown whereas I found some at McCalls and almost wonder if I should put them on myself or if I am just adding stress and being cheap.
If anyone has some advice for me, that would be great. I recently attended a party for friend's daughter where she had lovely Dora cake and it looked amazing. Unfortunately, it was dense and heavy and tasted like garbage.I felt so sorry for her to see uneaten pieces of her $250 cake go into the garbage. I don't want a repeat of that.Last year, I got a cake from a Chinese Bakery since they are light and use whip cream and I ended up sending 2/3 of it home with guests and eating cake for days. It was yummy but they don't do cupcakes nor them cakes. I really am looking for a place to do a theme.
Is italian buttercream the same as Swiss? Thanks.

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