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Frodnesor | Jan 15, 2007 10:39 PM

Since Netmover hasn't done one for a while, I thought I'd throw one out there: top dishes, not any particular food, you've had locally. What got me thinking about this was a recent post by someone about one of my favorite, now departed, dishes - the rib-meat hoagie at the former Johnny V diner spot on Alton Road in Miami Beach (long-gone and missed). So I'm dividing my list into 5 current favorites and 5 dearly departed faves (not in any particular order):


Piquillo Peppers stuffed w/ bacalao w/ squid ink sauce (El Carajo, 17th & US1 Miami) - one of the greatest tapas I have had anywhere - and I say this after having been recently to Madrid, Bilbao & Barcelona!

Duck Salad (Timo, Sunny Isles) - thin slices of pink duck breast, slightly wilted spinach with a mustardy dressing, slivers of red onion. But the real kicker is the crostini spread with duck liver!

White Gazpacho (Michys, 60s & Biscayne) - cold almond/garlic creamy soup, poured over marcona almonds, white grapes, and dill. Simple but delicious.

Callos (Copas & Tapas, Miracle Mile) - gotta like "parts" for this one - a tripe and garbanzo stew, rich and stick-to-your-ribs good.

Okonomiyaki (Yakko San, Dixie Hwy nr 163rd St) - like nothing I've ever had before - described as a "Japanese pizza", a weird combination of a grilled pancake-y batter, cabbage, fish, okonomiayki sauce (sort of like the bbq sauce on eel sushi), mayo, fish flakes, and pickled ginger.


Rib Meat Hoagie (Johnny V Diner Alton Rd MB) - oh, this was good - meat from bbq ribs taken off and shredded, stuffed into a hoagie roll along with some cole slaw, with a side of smoked shrimp mashed potatoes. A legendary sandwich.

Duck Tacos (Las Puertas, Giralda Ave. CG) - this one goes way back, possibly about 10 years ago, when there was a great gourmet Mexican restaurant in the space which I think is now Miss Saigon. They did these duck tacos that were just fantastic. They also once did as a special the "Chiles en Nogado" dish from the movie "Like Water for Chocolate" that were wonderful (but I digress).

Lavender Crusted Venison (Talula, MB) - not really gone, just taken off the menu. Delicious grilled venison loin rolled in lavender, sliced, served with this dense savory bread pudding. Bring it back!

Escovitch Fish (Shabeen, MB) - there used to be this great little Jamaican restaurant in the back of the Marlin Hotel on Collins Ave. They did a fantastic escovitch fish (usually a yellowtail, fried and topped with fiery, vinegary peppers. They had a great side of stuffed cho-chos (chayote squash with a sort of cheesy filling) and also did great jerk chicken. (On a side note, I'd love tips for good Jamaican/Creole in Miami - other than Tap Tap).

Foie Gras Salad (Petrossian, Bal Harbour) - now this was my kind of salad: leaves and blanched green beans, with generous strips of poached foie gras, and truffle oil!

What are your favorite Florida dishes?

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